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Inside: Try these easy process art projects for toddlers. They’re so simple, you’ll fall in love with Pinterest again!

Art projects for toddlers should be fun, right? But so many times making art with your child is just exhausting! Bring the fun back to art time with these simple process art projects for toddlers and preschoolers! Bring the simple back to your toddler art activities!

Pinterest gives me all the feels. It gets me all up in my emotions. From “Wow, that’s inspiring!” to “I must be doing EVERYTHING wrong.” And when it comes to searching for toddler art activities on Pinterest, the feelings usually run toward more of the “Where do they get those magically artsy, crafty, angel-kids from?”

Here’s the sticking point for me…

I love art. I love making, experimenting, and just seeing where the creative process takes me.

And that’s a value I desperately want to share with my kids! I want to raise children who value creativity, from God’s creation to everyday art. I want them to harness their own gifts.

So how can we make those two ends meet? How can we find Pinterest-worthy toddler art activities that are also actually doable for normal, real-life toddlers and preschoolers? How can I share my love of art and creativity in a way that’s not so completely overwhelming that I just toss all the finger paints in the trash after the first try?

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The Key: Toddler PROCESS Art Projects

Here’s my epiphany: it’s the process, not the product.

With toddlers, process is everything. It’s not about creating perfectly matching artworks. It’s not about making sure the sky is colored blue and the grass is green.

It’s about enjoying the process of becoming an artist, of tapping into creativity right there at the kitchen table.

With that in mind, I’ve collected a few toddler art activity ideas that are perfect for embracing this idea of process art. We’ve tried some of these at my house, and a few are on our calendar to try next.

Just remember, when you do art with toddlers, don’t focus on forcing Pinterest-perfect results. Focus on the enjoying the process!

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Now before you get all your art supplies out, take a minute to plan when you’ll make art with your toddler or preschooler. A little planning goes a long way! For example, don’t expect great attention or attitudes if you start your process art project ten minutes before nap time. *Ask me how I know ;)*

If you’d like to see when we fit it artsy stuff at our house, check out my toddler schedule free printable. Got a baby in the house too? Then my baby and toddler schedule is just right for you!

No-fail Toddler Process Art Projects

  1. Connect-the-Dot Watercolor Painting from Jules & Co
  2. No Mess Splatter Painting from Sunny Day Family
  3. Colorful Squirt Gun Painting from Fireflies and Mudpies
  4. Pom-Pom Painting from Jules & Co
  5. Straw Mosaic Art from Picklebums
  6. Craft Stick and Watercolor Sculpture from Childhood 101
  7. Painted Leaf Monsters from Messy Little Monster
  8. Decorated Tree Branch Process Art from Stay at Home Educator
  9. Crumpled Paper Art from Buggy and Buddy
  10. Contact Paper and Hole Punch Art from Laughing Kids Learn
  11. Slinky Action Process Art from Fantastic Fun and Learning
  12. Rainbow Yarn Prints from Fun Littles
  13. Easy Leaf Print Process Art from Parenting Chaos
  14. Symmetry Squish Painting with Q-Tips from Four Cheeky Monkeys
  15. Baking Soda and Vinegar Art from Eating Richly
  16. Painting on Tin Foil from Messy Little Monster
  17. Paint Sticks and Toys Process Art from Jules & Co

What I love about all of these toddler art activities is that there’s no single RIGHT WAY to do them. Your child could do the same project a few days in a row and still get a different artwork every time!

So go ahead, get all up in your feelings, mama. But with these simple toddler process art projects and activities, I guarantee you’ll be feeling good as you create with your child! No overwhelm, no stress. Just easy fun creating and experimenting with your little one. Enjoy!

Which of these easy toddler art projects looks the most fun to you? Have another genius idea for process art? Share with us in the comments, mama! Either way, let’s connect 🙂

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