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Do you have house rules for your family? You should! House Rules are a powerful way to create positive boundaries for your kids. Read about these wisdom filled phrases every parent can use!

As the mama of four girls, my mom had her hands full. Yep, mom had a 6-year-old, and a 4 year-old.. and then she added my twin sis and I to the mix! I’ve heard terrifying tales of the epic diaper washing days she tackled. Add in homework help, Sunday school teaching, plus cooking and housekeeping, and you’ve got a formula for one tired mama. Yet somehow, she managed to raise four strong, honest, and drama-free women. And she did it with strength and dignity. How did she manage all that chaos? House rules! (plus a whole lotta Jesus.)

There are so many things I savor from my childhood, but mom’s house rules are decidedly near the top of the list. Mom never sat down to write out these rules. She never needed to. She lived them out¬†instead. My mom used these phrases day in and day out. We sisters got so used to them that they became ingrained us, and I’m pretty sure we recited them in our sleep. I know for certain that we will all pass these wisdom-filled phrases down to our families.

  • Do you find yourself stumbling for an answer when your children question your directions?
  • Are you wondering what to say when you’re in a rush, and a 10 minute sit-down talk just won’t do?
  • Do you want to create a culture of positive boundaries for your kids at home?

Today, I want to show you why you can and should implement my mom’s house rules for your family! Are you in? Read on to discover my mom’s secret weapons of child-raising!

If you can do it once, you can do it twice.

If you can do it twice, you can make it a habit.

I’m not sure if mom invented this or borrowed it from some ancient source. In any case, she tapped into a really empowering concept! You. Can. Do. It. So what is the “it” in your kids’ lives? Keeping a tidy room, tackling a tough school assignment, turning the other check at an offense; these all fall under the “make it a habit” rule. The glorious feature of this house rule is that it puts the focus on doable baby steps that even small children can grasp. What habits do you want to instill in your children? Use this house rule to get them there!

You can’t go from laughing to crying!

Oh, this one was a doozy for a household full of girls. My mom somehow managed to raise four daughters devoid of the backstabbing, gossiping nature that is so prevalent in our modern culture. Yes, she taught us Scripture and prayed over us to be Spirit-led instead of emotion-driven. But in a pinch? “You can’t go from laughing to crying.” It’s so simple. And so powerful. Teach your kids that they can control their emotions! Shake it off, take a deep breath, and get over it. This house rule is one your kids will carry with them into adulthood. You know, that terrifying place where you won’t be there to defend them against every little offense. House rule to the rescue!

Praise the name of the Lord!

Albeit not a traditional house rule, this phrase flowed from my mom’s lips on a continual basis throughout my childhood. Washing dishes? “Praise the name of the Lord.” Had a great day? “Praise the name of the Lord.” Had a no good, terrible day? “Praise the name of the Lord!” If you can instill this attitude of continual praise in your kids, that’s a pretty big thing, friend. It goes beyond a house rule and gets to the heart issue instead. That’s the real goal of house rules anyway, right?

When it comes to house rules, I’ve found that it’s better to keep it simple. These three rules from my mom are brimming with wisdom, but they pack a quick punch too!

What house rules from your childhood do you want to pass on to your children? Share your favorites below!

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