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Inside: Wondering what do to with your baby all day? Filling those hours can be overwhelming, right? We’ve got you covered! Check out these fun things to do with babies at home. Simple, low-prep, and sure to break you out of that funk!

Wondering what do to with your baby all day? Filling those hours can be overwhelming, right? We've got you covered! Check out these fun things to do with babies at home. Simple, low-prep, and sure to break you out of that funk! #babyactivities #baby

You know that feeling? The “what-on-earth-am-I-going-to-do-with-this-baby-all-day” feeling?

Yeah I get that too! Staying home with your baby is such a wonderful thing. You’ll be there for every first smile, first crawl, and first step.

But honestly? It can get overwhelming, too!

Suddenly it hits you that you are solely responsible for the health and well-being of this tiny human, on-call for every need and cry.

You think, “Oh-my-goodness can I really do this?”

Well. Yes, you can!

When you’ve got a new baby, routines are the bees-knees. Routines for sleep, routines for feeding, routines for diapers. Routines rule.

But you’re not alone if the routine wears on you a bit, mama. In fact, for some of us, these routines can make us a little stir-crazy!

So what if I told you that you can have your routines and also really have fun with your baby?

If you’re fresh out of ideas, these activities and suggestions will help you discover fun things to do with your baby at home!

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Awesome Things to do with Babies (When You’re Out of Ideas!)

If you’re stuck in a rut, there are so many fun things you can do with your baby! Browse through these ideas and find something fun to connect with your little one today!

  • Reading
  • Art
  • Gross Motor Play
  • Fine Motor Play
  • Sensory Play

Reading Ideas for Babies

Reading with your baby is one of the best ways to spend your time! Seriously, if you don’t do anything else on this list, pick up a book and read to your child. The best place for your baby to be is snuggled in your lap, listening to the sound of your voice. Here are some fun new twists to make reading with your baby even more fun!

Read in the Tub

You love a relaxing book with a soak in the tub, right? Your baby does too! While your baby is safe in an infant tub, sit beside him and read aloud. Try a waterproof book with bright pictures!

Page Turning Tip for Babies from Pink Oatmeal

Your baby loves to turn pages. It’s half the fun of reading! Help him turn the pages of a book much easier with this simple tip.

Mirror Reading

Place a mirror at floor level, then do tummy time with your baby in front of the mirror. Read a book and talk to your baby. He’ll be prompted to lift his head and engage with your voice and the book!

Ziploc Body Book from I Can Teach my Child

Make your own book for your baby! This simple project uses Ziplock bags to create an interactive book babies will love.

Reading House Tour

There are tons of things to read around your house! Carry your baby around on a VIP house tour, reading aloud as you go. Read the notes on the fridge, labels in the pantry, or even numbers on the calendar!

Magical Reading Fort from Sew Liberated

Sometimes a change of scenery is all it takes to make a moment special. Cozy up and read with your baby in this magical indoor fort!

Visit Storytime

Try out a storytime at your local library. Don’t worry, librarians totally understand the nature of wiggly babies! Your baby will love the interaction with other kids as well!

Textured Books

Read books with texture to keep your baby’s attention. My kids loved this cute crinkly Fuzzy Bee and Friends book when they were babies!

Art Ideas for Babies

Making art with your baby doesn’t have to be stressful! It’s best to keep it simple and focus on the process of creating art, not the end product. Grab some chunky crayons and watch your baby create! Babies love art and bright colors, so try these easy art ideas for more inspiration!

Mess Free Rainbow Activity for Babies from Keeper of the Memories

This painting activity is perfect for babies! My kids loved to squish paint like this when they were babies. It’s such a great sensory play idea for little hands!

Edible Finger Painting on Tin Foil from Hands on as We Grow

I did this fun twist on finger painting with my baby and she loved it! It quickly turned into painting with fingers and toes. But well worth it!

No Mess Cling Wrap Painting from Messy Little Monster

No mess? Yes please! Your baby will love squishing paint on his canvas. And you’ll love the quick clean up!

Swatter Art from Playground Parkbench

This fly swatter art idea is genius for babies! Take it outside if you’re wary of big messes in the house.

Gross Motor Ideas for Babies

Your baby is growing so much during his first year! Gross motor skills are the gateways to every other skill your child will learn. You can encourage gross motor skills by simply interacting and playing with your baby. Dance, tickle, roll, and play together! For more fresh ways to build gross motor skills, try one of the ideas below.

Colorful Scarf Circle Gross Motor Play from Hands on as We Grow

This gross motor game is a fun way to get babies turning and using those core muscles. If your baby hates tummy time, try this!

Baby Simon Says

With your baby on the floor beside you, make exaggerated movements, stretching your arms and legs, twisting, and nodding your head. Watch as your baby mimics your movements and builds those gross motor skills!

Fun Tummy Time

If your baby hates tummy time, try supporting his chest with a nursing pillow or small rolled blanket. Toss lots of colorful toys, textures, and books within reach of his hands to keep him engaged.

Gross Motor Scarf Pull from Hands on as We Grow

If your baby is practicing standing, you’ll love this simple gross motor activity. Get baby moving with colorful scarves!

Blanket Rides

My kids loved blanket rides when they were babies. In fact, they still do! Be sure to place your baby on the blanket so that they are stable. Don’t make baby sit up if he’s not a confident sitter yet! Then take a slow ride around the house. Your baby will develop core strength and coordination!

Bouncy Ball Fun

Grab a jumbo hopper ball with handles (this one is super cute!) and support your baby as he practices sit-to-stand and toddling while holding the handles.

Fine Motor Ideas for Babies

As your baby grows, fine motor skills become more and more important. Pinching, grasping, and using those fingers and toes helps a baby explore his world! Provide toys with movable parts, or take your baby outside to touch leaves and manipulate sticks and flowers with his hands. Have fun with your baby at home and encourage fine motor growth with these simple activities for babies.

Tissue Play

Is a box of tissues worth a few minutes of uninterrupted play? You bet your bottle warmer it is. Hand your baby a full box of tissues and watch what happens! Fine motor activities can be fun!

Pom Pom Painting from Jules & Co

Use clothespins and jumbo pom pom balls to create a fun fine motor dipping station for your baby! This activity helps develop your baby’s finger mobility and muscle control.

Shadow Puppets

Turn out the lights (or most of them if your baby doesn’t like the dark!) and make shadow puppets! Take turns and show your baby how to use his hands and fine motor skills to make animals and patterns.

Baby Safe Cloud Dough from Lemon Lime Adventures

Everyone knows that play dough is great for developing fine motor skills. But what about babies who put everything in their mouths? Try this safe cloud dough recipe for your baby’s playtime!

Nesting Toy Peek-a-Boo

Play a game of peek-a-boo with nesting toys or buckets. Encourage your baby to grab the toy to find what’s hiding underneath! These animal nesting toys are perfect for this activity!

Tugging Lid for Babies from Busy Toddler

This fine motor activity is the perfect use for that stack of Tupperware lids that don’t have a match. Your baby will develop super hand-strength with this simple and fun game!

Sensory Play Ideas for Babies

Babies learn through their senses, just like us! Sensory play doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as crawling in the grass, going for a walk in the stroller, or pulling out all of mommy’s scarves from a drawer! For more creative ways to involve your baby’s senses, try these sensory play activities.

Rainbow Spaghetti from Fun at Home with Kids

This easy sensory play idea is perfect for little hands! Whip up a batch of rainbow spaghetti and watch your baby go to town.

Baby Massage

After a warm bath, massage your baby with your favorite baby-safe lotion. Talk to your child as you go, naming, legs, knees, toes, and feet!

Sensory Sound Activity from Hands on as We Grow

Sensory doesn’t just mean touch! Engage your baby’s sense of hearing with this easy prep sounds activity.

Rain Bath

Bring a colander into the tub for bath time. Fill it with water and let the “rain” drip through the holes onto your baby’s tummy and hands. He’ll giggle with delight!

Warm and Cold Sensory Experience from Fun at Home with Kids

How simple is this sensory play idea? All you need is an ice cube and warm water!

Fold Laundry

Yes, even this mundane chore can be an opportunity to have fun with your baby! Let your child feel the texture of the towels, or wrap him up in a soft sweater. Let him roll around in the laundry as you fold, he’ll love it!

Bubble Play

Grab a cheap bottle of bubbles and a wand and blow bubbles with your baby! Try it in the tub, outside, or on a walk for extra fun.

Your Turn

Wondering what to do with your baby all day? Finding fun things to do with babies doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Try a few of these baby activity ideas and let us know how it went!

Have another favorite way to keep your baby entertained at home? Comment below to share your ideas!

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