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Does your grocery bill seem to eat up too much of your budget each month? Maybe you tried couponing and became burnt out (that’s me!), or perhaps you’re just tired of the endless and overwhelming product options at your big box grocery store. Let me ask you…have you tried shopping at Aldi yet? You’ve probably heard someone, somewhere, talking about their obsession with Aldi. But have you tried it for yourself?

My family hears me rave all the time about shopping at Aldi. And for good reason! There is so much to love about this grocery store chain, but today I’m bringing you the top four reasons why your next grocery trip should be at Aldi!


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Aldi Obsession #1: The prices, the prices, hey did I mention the prices?

I mentioned in my post about saving money on groceries how I order chicken in bulk from Zaycon Fresh. My last order at Zaycon Fresh was at $1.89 per pound, which is a great price! However, I recently found boneless, skinless chicken breast at my local Aldi on sale for $1.49! I still order from Zaycon Fresh because their prices are so dependably low. If I need to stock up on chicken in-between Zaycon orders, I’ll check Aldi sales for sure. Some other dependable deals at Aldi are canned vegetables (usually about 20 cents cheaper than store brand at WalMart), bread, beef and meats, and produce. The bottom line is that shopping at Aldi can save you some serious cash!

Aldi Obsession #2: The simplicity.

Do you dread going to the grocery store? I do. I feel hopelessly lost as I wander aimlessly looking for the right Parmesan cheese; dreadfully confused as I ponder which brand of butter is better. At Aldi it’s a whole different story! For me, the deciding factor in most grocery purchases is price. The quality between store brand and name brand usually isn’t that different. So, when I shop at Aldi the whole grocery experience suddenly becomes so SIMPLE. The aisles at Aldi are set up so that you travel through an “S’ pattern. No getting lost in the dairy department, no wondering or wandering. Aldi stores are MUCH smaller than other grocery stores because they only have a few options for each type of product. But you know what? They’re great options! Keep it simple. Get in. Get what you need. Get out!

Aldi Obsession #3: The “green” factor.

When you shop at Aldi there’s one thing you just can’t forget. Grocery bags! Aldi does not provide plastic grocery bags like other stores do. They do have reusable bags you can buy, but I usually just bring my own reusable bags from home. If you forget bags, you can always grab an empty box from the shelf to organize your groceries in your cart. Why does this even matter? Did you know that nearly one million plastic bags are used every minute worldwide? (source) Plastic bags have a very low recycling rate, which means that they can only be recycled once or twice before being sent to a landfill. (Glass, on the other hand, has an infinite number or times it can be recycled.) It may seem like a small drop in the ocean, but shopping at Aldi helps me to be a little more earth conscious.

Aldi Obsession #4: The checkout line is a breeze!

Alright, big box grocery stores, it’s time to take a lesson in Efficiency 101 from Aldi. Did you know that Aldi strategically places barcodes on multiple places on each product? What does this mean for you? Amazingly fast checkout lines! Even though there are typically only two or three cashiers open at any given time, they are legitimate checkout ninjas. Yes, ninjas. They place your items into an empty cart at lightening speed and ring up your total. Once you pay for your goodies, just pull off to a counter space conveniently located before the exits to pack your groceries in your own bags.

Download the Aldi mobile app here to check out what on sale this week. Then be sure to click here print out your two week menu planner!

Have you tried Aldi yet? I'm officially obsessed, so here are my top four reasons why your next grocery trip should be at Aldi! Read on to find out why...

Have you tried shopping at Aldi yet? Make your next grocery trip an Aldi trip!

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