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Inside: Use these Thanksgiving conversation starters to connect with your family around the table this Thanksgiving. Each Thanksgiving question will help your child focus their heart on gratitude. Read on for five creative questions to ask your family this season!

Use these Thanksgiving conversation starters to connect with your family around the table this Thanksgiving. Each of these Thanksgiving questions for kids will help your child focus their heart on gratitude. Read on for five creative questions to ask your family this season! 

“I reallllly don’t know.”

That was his answer. I had just asked my little guy what he was thankful for. Now this is the same kid who hasn’t stopped talking since his first “dada.” The same one who will list off ten different species of sharks and their particular set of skills.

And yet he couldn’t name one thing he was thankful for.

I had to find a way to teach thankfulness. Sometimes our children just need a little jump start to get their hearts focused on gratitude. I’m all about simple solutions, and it doesn’t get any simpler than a conversation over the dinner table, or a question during playtime.

There is so much to be thankful for this time of year! As any mama can tell you, however, a thankful heart usually isn’t your child’s natural inclination. Thankfulness is an attitude we model and teach, day in and day out. It’s time to be intentional, mama.

Is your family stuck in a thankfulness rut? Try these fun Thanksgiving questions this season. You’ll spark meaningful and inspired conversations and cultivate a habit of thankfulness in your family.

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I tried these Thanksgiving conversation starters with my son! Guess what? Turns out he’s thankful for so much! He just needed a little help putting it into words. Read his answers below…

5 Fun Thanksgiving Conversation Starters for Kids

Question 1: Can you name everything you’re thankful for that’s the color red?.. blue…etc.

For little ones, everything is an adventure. Take a walk with your family. Talk about all the colors we see in the world. Ask your kids to name everything they give thanks for that’s a specific color. For example, I’m thankful for the green grass I get to play in, for green beans I love to eat, and for green crayons that I can draw with. It’s a great exercise in both creativity and thankfulness!

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Question 2: How many ways can you think of to act out your thankful heart?

One of the lovely things about thankfulness is that is comes spilling out of the heart and makes itself know through our actions. Anyone who’s truly thankful just can’t keep it to themselves. A thankful heart is like water for the seeds of generosity and respectfulness growing in our kids. So, how can we put action to our thankfulness? Let’s brainstorm! A smile, saying thank you, giving something back, sacrificing something of value, the list goes on and on. What will your family come up with?

Question 3: What is the tallest thing you’re thankful for?.. the smallest…etc.

Sometimes when we talk to our kids about thankfulness, we end up with the same list of things over and over. This is wonderful of course, but it’s always nice to remind ourselves how many amazing things we have to be thankful for. Pick a few adjectives and come up with a list that’s unique! It will help to open your kiddo’s eyes to the beauty all around them, the little things they may not notice every day, but are worthy of thanksgiving nonetheless.

By the way, mama…Cultivating a thankful heart in your toddler or preschooler has never been more fun! Check out the Thankful Hearts hands-on learning pack and discover a month-long journey of gratefulness, learning, and exploration.

Question 4: What would you imagine mommy is most thankful for?

Empathy is a big deal for kids. It’s so important to support our children as they learn to cultivate sympathy and empathy for the people around them. Why not practice at Thanksgiving? This one can be sweet and meaningful (What do you think Grandma is most thankful for?) or silly and just plain fun (What would a turkey be most thankful for the day after Thanksgiving? What are sharks most thankful for?).

Question 5: When is your favorite time to give thanks?

Just as we train our kids to say prayers before meals and bedtime, what if we taught them the habit of thankfulness throughout their day? Talk about your own favorite times to be thankful. When I’m watching my children play I feel thankfulness rising in my heart. When I swing in the backyard with my babies I’m thankful for these tiny humans I get to call mine. Help your child identify those small moments of gratitude in their own day.

How will you be intentional about thankfulness this season? These Thanksgiving conversation starters for kids will get you on track for a season full of thankful hearts. What are your favorite Thanksgiving questions to ask your kids?

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