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Inside: Have you ever tried to be a morning person? Maybe it comes naturally to you. Maybe it’s a struggle! Whether you’re an early bird or night owl, every mom can benefit from waking up before the kids! Read on to see how waking up early can change your day for the better!

Have you ever tried to be a morning person? Maybe it comes naturally to you. Maybe it's a struggle! Whether you're an early bird or night owl, every mom can benefit from waking up before the kids! Read on to see how waking up early can change your day for the better!

Today’s post is brought to you from Kelsey at Mama’s Mornings. You’re going to love her heartfelt and super practical tips for creating the peaceful and powerful mornings you crave!

The air was crisp and slightly chilled. The comforter swallowed me up in its warmth as I laid in the bed and listened – just the quiet whir of the oscillating ceiling fan. Everyone else was still tucked away in bed in a deep, heavy sleep.

I didn’t want to get out of bed – my eyes were still heavy and the cool outside air was coming in through the open window. But I knew what was waiting for me if I did get up, so I slipped my feet out from under the blankets and let them hit the cold floor…

Why I Wake Up Before The Kids

I LOVE my early mornings. It feels like I’m stealing something – stealing moments to myself. It’s like a forbidden treat that I get to partake in EVERY SINGLE DAY.

This early morning routine started when I was working from home – my first baby nestled next to me while I analyzed spreadsheets and produced reports.

Before the sun was even thinking about creeping over the horizon, I would sneak out of the bedroom, grab my computer and head to the kitchen table to get a couple hours of work in while my little man was deep in sleep.

But even after I decided to stop working I continued to wake up early. It was evident to me that if I wanted time to myself, the dark morning hours was the only time that I was guaranteed to get it.

But over the years it has turned into much more than that – waking up before the kids has proved to be life-changing in more ways than one…

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5 Surprising Benefits Of Waking Up Before The Kids

#1: Your Confidence will Skyrocket

It’s true. And here’s why: waking up early is my choice – I can decide if I get out of bed before everyone else, or if I sleep a little longer. And by choosing to wake up early I prove to myself that I can stick to a goal. Plus, it reminds me that I do have autonomy over my decisions and control at least a part of my day (because we all know that as mamas with little ones, we don’t always have as much control as we think!).

We may not admit it, but too often we believe that confidence will come when some external condition changes – once we change something about ourselves, or once those around us view us in a different light. But that is just not true. To build confidence we have to show ourselves that we are able to make good and wise decisions even when they are hard.

#2: You will Think More Creatively

There is something about the early morning – when it is still and dark and quiet – that stimulates ideas and thoughts. It’s not just me – science agrees.

And as mamas we run on creativity. We are constantly problem solving, rescheduling, creating meals, changing up discipline techniques for different kids, etc. We need to keep our creative juices flowing just to get through the day with little ones! And an extra dose of creativity helps us to play hard and inspire our kiddos.

Waking up before the kids can stimulate creativity in two ways:

The early morning provides time to work on projects or hobbies you might not be able to focus on while the kids are awake (and doing something “creative” will allow you to build that creative muscle).

Waking up early will increase your mental clarity and allow you to think through situations and scenarios without the in-the-moment urgency. Often the most creative ideas come when we least expect it. Early mornings provide a quiet space for your mind to find those ideas and solutions.

#3: Your Energy Levels will Increase

For most mamas, waking up early means less sleep – but it doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t). And less sleep means less energy. But, despite common misconception, waking early can actually increase your energy levels – if you choose to use your mornings wisely

An early morning routine provides an opportunity for you to be alone, pursue some personal goals, move your body, and be filled by your Father – all life-giving activities that will motivate and rejuvenate you.

If you choose to use your morning to get ahead on laundry or clean up from the night before, you are going to feel zapped before the kids are even out of bed.

So wake up early – but craft your mom morning routine wisely.

#4: You will be Able to See your Purpose More Clearly

As moms, we all need a reminder every now and then of what it is that we are in fact DOING as mamas. Yes, we have a lot of stuff going on – but what does it all mean and what is the point of it all???

Waking up before the kids will give you a moment in your day to sit back and recognize that the effort you are putting forth day in and day out is shaping the lives of your children (and I mean that in an encouraging way, not to freak you out!).

We are raising little people here! And on the days when you feel like what you are doing doesn’t matter – like it is monotonous and unseen – your early morning routine will provide you with the perspective that you need to recognize the immense significance of your role as mama.

Plus, it will give you the opportunity to be filled and nurtured by the One who called you to motherhood and who sustains you through it all.

#5: Your Good Habits will Start to Snowball

Dave Ramsey fans, anyone? Then you have heard of the “snowball effect” – and maybe you have seen it in action! It is the exponential growth of making small, but significant, changes.

Waking up before the kids is the first snow flake in a “snowball effect” of decisions that you will make throughout your day. When you start the first hour or so of your day doing something positive and uplifting, the rest of your day becomes an upward spiral of good decisions.

Not only that, but the early morning provides a perfect opportunity for you to work on your personal goals. Looking to start a workout routine? Your early morning is the perfect time to get moving. Want to start a side business or cultivate your love of painting? You’ve got the time now.

Once you make one good decision, it is easier to continue making good decisions throughout the day. Of course, the opposite is true as well–starting the day off on the wrong foot makes it hard to get back on track. Not sure you believe me? Try beginning your morning with a hunk of fudgy dark chocolate brownie – then see what your food choices look like the rest of the day…

The Ultimate Reason Moms Should Wake Up Before The Kids

As a Believer, the ultimate reason that I get up before my kids is so that I can meet with my God in a quiet and undistracted place.

Yes, we can meet and talk with God throughout our day. We can and should be praying and listening to godly wisdom in the midst of our daily lives as mamas.

But if we are only meeting with God in the middle of our day – while washing the dishes, wiping bottoms, and running errands – we are missing out on a beautiful opportunity to be alone with our Creator. And in the alone time with Him we can often listen and hear more clearly, and rest in His goodness more fully.

In the quiet of the early morning God is waiting for you. He wants to meet with you. Will you join Him there?

Waking Up Before The Kids Won’t Make Your Day Perfect – But It Will Make It Better

That morning I was telling you about earlier? I did get out of bed early that day, and had a perfect 1.5 hours to myself. I read Scripture and prayed. I had time to write (which I love to do), and I listened to bits and pieces of podcasts that I love.

But for the sake of total transparency, the day that followed did not go quite as perfectly. There was whining and lost tempers; there was selfishness and deep breaths. But there was more grace, more focus on God, more energy, and more confidence in who I am as mama. And there was also more fun because my perspective was right.

If I had stayed in bed longer and then woke up to the pitter patter of little feet and squeaky voices calling out “MAMA!!”, I can assure you that the day would have looked a bit different (more selfish, more tired, more overwhelmed).

Mama, You Can Do It! You Can Wake Up Before The Kids, Too.

With everything we have talked about so far, why isn’t every mama waking up before the kids??

Because it takes effort, disciplined habit building, and change. And those things don’t come quickly – or naturally. Most people would rather stay smack dab in the middle of the mundane where it is easier.

Good thing you are not “most people” 🙂

If you are coming to Jules and Co, then I already know that you are a proactive mama looking for grace and truth, and you want to thrive in the role that God has placed you in. You want more than to just “get through” these early years at home.

I know that you have what it takes to start a life-giving + God honoring morning routine. And I know you will see positive change in your life because of it.

So go on mama – you got this!

I’m rooting for you.


Author’s Bio: Kelsey lives in the North Carolina mountains with her two little boys and best friend + husband, Lance. She is a civil engineer turned stay at home mom, who realized being at home all day with little ones was not as idealistic as she originally dreamed it would be! Kelsey blogs at Mama’s Mornings, where she inspires and encourages mamas, like you, to start an energizing early morning routine and make time for what matters most.

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