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Inside: Fresh out of ideas on what to give your little guy? I’ve rounded up the best toys for 5 year old boys. They won’t break the bank, and the best part is that these toys encourage real play and tons of imagination. These toys for boys will help him spend that energy in a healthy way!

Fresh out of ideas on what to give your little guy? I've rounded up the best toys for 5 year old boys. They won't break the bank, and the best part is that these toys encourage real play and tons of imagination. These toys for boys will help him spend that energy in a healthy way! Click through to find his new favorite!

Oh, boy.

When it comes to boys and their toys, life can get interesting.

To say the least.

I looked out the window the other day to our backyard. My son and newphew, both 5 years old, had created the most elaborate sprinkler system ever.

They had somehow lugged the hose and sprinkler up into the tree fort, turned the water on full blast, and were presently driving their trucks and diggers through their man-made rainstorm!

Boys always know how to get the most fun out of a toy. Y’all, it a gift!

And while they’re usually content with a bucket, shovel, and some mud, I’m always on the lookout for great toys for my boy bunch.

I love to find toys that will spark their imagination, fuel their creativity, or challenge them in some way!

Are you in search of the perfect gift for your boy? Whether he’s the kid who has everything, you need a great birthday gift, or you’re planning out your Christmas list, I’ve rounded up the best toys for 5 year old boys!

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Best Toys for 5 Year Old Boys

Outside Toys

Every boy needs plenty of outdoor time to thrive and grow. These outdoor toys will give him tons of motivation to head outside!

#1: Foam Archery Set

He’ll love this bow and arrow set because he will feel like a warrior. You’ll love it because the foam tips all but eliminate any emergency room trips!

This archery set is a great gift for boys who love to explore and be active.

#2: Outdoor Exploration Set

How cute is this camo discovery set? Your little guy will love the binoculars, flashlight, and compass. Plus it comes with tons of other outdoor accessories!

#3: The Big Dig Sandbox Excavator

This kid-sized digger is just plain awesome. Take your boy’s sandbox adventures to the next level with this working excavator crane.

#4: SlingBall Junior Set

Does your little guy enjoy playing catch? He’ll have so much fun learning to play sling ball! This version is specially designed for yourger players, so it’s perfect for boys in early elementary.

#5: Space Shuttle Kite

My son is absolutely crazy for all things space right now. This cool space shuttle kite is sure to get any boy’s attention!

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Inside Toys

Stuck inside? The fun doesn’t have to end! These toys are perfect for hours of indoor fun. No screen-time needed!

#1: Awesome Jokes that Every 5 Year Old Should Know

Tired of hearing the same three jokes over and over again? Get your boy this classic joke book and watch him laugh it up!

#2: LEGO Classic Building Kit

Nothing will keep a boy occupied longer than a suitcase full of LEGO bricks. My little guy has this exact set and will literally spend hours engrossed in his builds!

#3: Teepee Tent with Flashlight Projector

Camping indoors is so much fun for little guys! I love that this set comes with a flashlight that projects designs on the ceiling.

#4: Nightlight Terrarium

Although a terrarium doesn’t technically qualify as a toy, this one is too cool to leave out. It glows in the dark, and any boy would love watching his lizards or creatures grow in the tank!

#5: Flexi-Forts Set

Tired of having your dining room chairs stolen for forts? This buildable fort set is perfect to let your kid build over and over again.

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Educational Toys

Boys love to learn. They’re just begging to build their knowlege and apply it in real life! Stretch your little man’s brain with these awesome educational toys! These toys bring educational ideas and make them hands-on and interactive. Perfect for boys!

#1: Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set

Got a little tech guy on your hands? He’ll love this easy-to-program robot. Let him learn and play at the same time with this cool STEM toy!

#2: Crazy Scientist Color Laboratory Kit

My 5 year old is constantly asking do do more science experiments. While we usually have to gather materials from around the house, I love that this laboratory kit comes with most of the materials included!

#3: Smarty Pants Kindergarten Card Set

If your boy loves to know everything (like mine) he will love this book. Help him learn everything a 5 year old could possibly learn with this cute-yet-smart gift.

#4: Sum Swamp Board Game

Looking for a fun gift that will also boost math skills? This math-based board game is perfect to encourage the hands-on learning boys crave.

#5: ThinkFun Rush Hour Traffic Jam

I used this game with my students when I taught Gifted and Talented classes back in the day. The boys in my classes especially loved it! These transportation-themed logic puzzles will keep him thinking and playing for ages.

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Kid Favorites!

I haven’t met a 5 year old boy yet who wouldn’t drool over these toys. Check out a few of our kid favorites!

#1: Superhero Cape Set

Are your boys always pretending to be superheroes? My son and nephew love to run around indoors and outdoors acting out their own battles and rescue missions. These capes are so cute for imaginative play!

#2: Jurassic World Raptor Mask

Oh my word. My little guy loves dinosaurs, and this raptor mask is just too much! Your own dino-lover will go grazy for this awesome pretend play toy.

#3: Flexible Track Dinosaur World Playset

Here’s another toys perfect for boys who can’t get enough of dinosaurs. This toy encourages open-ended play because he can rebuild the track over and over again!

#4: K’Nex Building Set

K’Nex are a classic building toy for a reason. While your boy’s little hands make find the snaps difficult at first, he’ll love the limitless possibilities and builds. This is a toy that will last for years!

#5: Trampoline Sprinkler

This trampoline sprinkler toy is a shamless plug for letting boys play their way! What’s better than a trampoline? A trampoline slip-n’-slide!

BONUS: Star Wars Paper Airplane Craft Book

My son would be so dissapointed in me if I made a whole list of awesome toys and left out Star Wars. This craft book takes paper airplanes to the next level. Let your little guy build and fold his favorite Star Wars aircraft!

Your Turn

Got your gift list ready? I hope these toys for 5 year old boys give you the inspiration you need! Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, Christmas, or a special occasion, your boy is sure to love these gift ideas!

Did we leave something off the list? What does your little guy love?

Let us know in the comments below!

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