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DIY Circle Swing Tutorial

Some girls like jewelry. Some girls like manicures and spa days. Me? If you need me, I’ll be in my backyard, with the breeze in my hair and the sun on my face, playing with my little dude. We recently moved into a new house. While we love the house itself, can I share a secret with you? We bought it for the backyard. I’ve found my happy place, y’all. Gorgeous trees, fuzzy baby cows to visit with by the back fence, and plenty of shade all day long. It’s almost perfection. But our backyard was missing something! This...

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DIY Jumbo Magnet Felt Board Tutorial

Is there anything better than a great DIY project? Not in my book, especially when it comes out to be so incredibly cute AND useful in the end! We’ve been working recently on sprucing up our church nursery. Thankfully, we’ve got a growing population of little ones! We want to serve all of our church family well, even the tiniest ones, right? That’s why I whipped up this awesome DIY magnet felt board for our church nursery wall. I looked for something like this to buy online. A magnet board of this size (about 3 x 2 feet) runs...

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Space Themed Blast Off Birthday Party

My super-cute nephew just celebrated birthday number two. It’s all over now. He’s grown. No longer a baby. Big boy livin’ all the way! To celebrate her big boy’s birthday, my sister and brother-in-law threw him a super-fun space party. This is how it went down. Check out their awesome ideas, y’all! (Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.) We had so much fun at this space themed Blast Off Birthday! Talk to me! What are your best birthday theme ideas for your little ones! Let’s chat in the comments below ūüôā...

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How to Print on Burlap (DIY Tutorial)

Hey mama, I’m taking a break from my usual parenting post to bring you a super easy printed burlap wall art tutorial. I don’t know about you, but when it’s nap time for my kids, I love taking that time to be creative! It’s so important to schedule time during your day to fill up your bucket, do something purposeful, and cultivate your gifts outside of motherhood. These babies won’t be babies forever, you know… For me, creating and bringing a project to completion is just one of the little joys I look forward to when the kids are...

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5 Essentials for a Toddler Reading Space

We all know that reading is one of the essential factors in helping children thrive. People much smarter than I am tell me that reading with your child just 20 minutes a day promotes parent-child bonding and builds early literacy skills.¬†Now I¬†adore getting cozy with my little one and a book, but sometimes¬†I have to get dinner on the table. It’s so important that your kiddo learns to enjoy books by himself as well as with mama. What better age to start this habit than in the “I do it myself!” stage of toddlerhood! I¬†created a reading space in...

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