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How to Make Date Night Happen as a Nursing Mom

Mama, you need a date night. I know it. You know it. Your hubby sure knows it. You’ve been spending literally all your time taking care of that sweet new baby. You think baby, you breathe baby. It’s all. about. that. baby! As a new mom, you’ve got a billion things pulling at you. Your mind never stops, and chances are you’re more than a little sleep deprived. But trust me, you need a date night. If you’re a nursing mom, you might feel like you’re stuck in a three-hour cycle of feeding and sleeping. Don’t get me wrong, there...

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4 Tips for a Stress Free Date Night With Your Husband

Are date nights few and far between in your marriage? Take this date night challenge! It’s time to take the pressure off planning the perfect date night. Let’s get real. With our busy lives and families, going on a date with your husband can sometimes seem more like a chore than a good time. You’ve got to plan the date and find someone to watch the kids. By the time you’re out the door, you’re already exhausted and the night hasn’t even started yet! Been there? Check out these four tips for a stress free date night with your husband. Bring date...

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3 Powerful Habits of Couples with Meaningful Marriages

Every bride hopes for a meaningful marriage that stands the test of time. But just how do we get there? Especially in the midst of a culture that screams selfishness and expediency above loyalty? I almost titled this post “3 Habits for Happy Marriages.” The urge to gloss over this subject and slap on a bright and shiny Pin-happy graphic was strong! But there is more to marriage than just being happy. Now, does my marriage make me happy? Of course! Am I married to the best husband on planet earth? A thousand times yes! However, as any old married...

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