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Magnetic Tiles Ideas to Practice Patterns with Toddlers and Preschoolers

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a small commission at no cost to you if you purchase through my link. However, I only recommend products I know and love! Has your little one discovered magnetic tiles yet? We bought my son his first set of magnetic tiles two years ago, and he is still obsessed with them! At our house, we have the Picasso Tiles brand, and my son absolutely loves them. They are durable and strong, and stand up to a lot of tough toddler and preschooler play. It’s been two years and the magnets...

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Preschool Easter Egg Number Hunt (+ Free Printable!)

Around here, we like to keep it simple. Our homeschool preschool is super relaxed, and I like to keep it that way! Our best learning happens through real play and everyday life lessons. Want a peek inside our super-relaxed homeschool preschool routines? Read this in-depth post for all the details! Spring is in the air, there’s a feeling of celebration, and our backyard is just bursting with an invitation to come out and play. My little guy loves running around our backyard, stretching his legs, and getting all those wiggles out. But Easter calls for a little something special, right?...

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DIY Salt Writing Tray for Preschool Fine Motor Activities

What’s a mama to do to entice her preschooler to practice pre-writing? We’re not big fans of worksheets at our house. Learning sticks more when it’s immersive and hands-on! In fact, we’ve got a super-relaxed method of doing homeschool preschool you can steal! Still, it’s absolutely essential that we teach fine motor skills and pre-writing practice with our preschoolers right? Looking for more toddler and preschooler ideas? Try this fun process art project for kids! Maybe you’ve seen a cute salt writing tray on Pinterest, or drooled over a Montessori-inspired wooden tray on Amazon. Why not make your own...

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How We Use Our DIY Felt Christmas Tree for Fun Christmas Preschool Activities!

I’ll be honest, when I first made this DIY felt Christmas tree a few years ago, the sole purpose was to avoid broken glass and crushed Christmas dreams. A one year old boy and a real tree simply don’t play well together, you know? We didn’t even have a grown up tree that Christmas when my son was one year old. It was so bad, that one of my friends gave us a tiny Charlie Brown Christmas tree to put on our side table. It was pitiful, y’all. Well, we’ve come a long way since then, mama! Our little...

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Counting and Graphing Hot Wheels Learning Activity

I seriously don’t know how he does it. It’s a super-human strength. Really, how is it possible for such tiny hands to keep a grip on not one, but at least three cars all day long? We’re talking breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedtime, and naps, too. My little guy simply adores his race cars. A few days ago, I put my teacher cap on again trying to think of a way to support number recognition and one-to-one correspondence for my son. I looked in my junk drawer. Hmmm. Painter’s tape left over from the move to the new house. Then...

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