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7 Reasons Why We Love Outside Play (And Why Your Kids Should Too!)

“Sing apple tree song, Mommy?” My little man makes a tunes request for his mama-jukebox. It’s one of his favorites, the “Johnny Appleseed Song.” Honestly, it’s one of my favorites, too. I feel all sunshiny and light when I sing it, and I’m pretty sure my son feels the same way. Today, I’m singing it as I lounge beneath the shade of a bottle brush tree. I watch my boy create an imaginary village out of sticks, leaves, and toy trucks. There’s a sort of peace that hovers over our little scene. The Lord is good to me and so...

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Think Like a Teacher: How to Set Routines at Home

Welcome to Week 7 in our Think Like a Teacher Series! Are you undermining your own parenting efforts? Maybe you are, and you don’t even realize it! You see, you can have all the best intentions as a parent and still be missing the mark in one key area. Routine. Kids need, no THRIVE on routine. As a teacher, classroom routines not only helped me stay sane, routines provided the structure needed for learning to happen.  The same holds true for your family at home. Predictable and consistent routines give a firm foundation for learning, love, and connection to take...

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Think Like a Teacher: Creative Ways to Think BIG and Expand Your Kids’ Horizons

It’s Week 6 in our Think Like a Teacher Series! What’s the last thing you did with your kids that made them say “Wow!”? Have the daily ins and outs of parenting have kept your vision small and your focus narrow? This week I’m going to give you inspiration to help you think BIG and expand your kids’ horizons! When I was a teacher, one of my main goals was to give my students a vision of the immeasurable possibilities that lay ahead in life. Sometimes as parents we need to teach routines (which are vital!) or practical habits...

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Think Like a Teacher: How to Ask Open-Ended Questions

It’s Week 5 in this Think Like a Teacher Series! Are you a chronic “easy question-asker?” I used to be too! Think about the last conversation you had with your child. How many questions did you ask that could be answered with either “yes” or no?” None? Just a few? ALL of them? Regardless of where you are now, I think we can all use a little help when it comes to asking better questions of our kids. It’s really all about asking the right questions. And let me tell you, from a teacher’s perspective, a great question is...

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Think Like a Teacher: Filling the Bucket for Kids Who Misbehave

Welcome to Week 4 in our Think Like a Teacher Series! Looking for a way to reconnect with your child who seems to be in trouble all the time? It’s all about filling the bucket! This week, we’ll talk about how to keep your child’s love tank full even when they misbehave. Build bridges to help support positive behavior. Don’t forget to check out the Action Steps at the end of this post!   Why should you think like a teacher? Well the short answer is that you want to be intentional about helping your family thrive! As a former...

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