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The 11 Best Baby Sleep Tips

This post is sponsored by Sarah from The Sleep Advisor shares her best tips for us today to get our babies sleeping, well…like babies, in no time! It should be no surprise to you that all of my friends with babies at home don’t get enough sleep at night. In fact, my friends are not alone — 62% of women without children get the adequate number of sleep per  night, while only 42% of women with young children reported getting enough sleep, according to a study reported by CBS News.   It’s not a surprise that less than half...

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DIY Newborn and Sibling Photography (with only your iPhone!)

  There’s nothing sweeter than a newborn photography…. unless you add an adorable older sibling to the mix! Take a peek at how I tackled a super sweet newborn and sibling photography shoot with nothing more than my iPhone. If you know me at all, you know I’m a bit of a cheapskate. I absolutely hate spending money on things that I can make or do myself. Sometimes this habit comes back to bite me… Like those jeans I mutilated trying to make cute shorts… Or the time I spent a good chunk of change to grow approximately four...

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6 Baby Sleep Mistakes to Avoid (and What to do Instead!)

I couldn’t hold it in any longer. “I just can’t. I can’t do this!” My husband was leaving for work for the first time after our first child was born. I was about to be alone with the baby. The baby who wouldn’t sleep. The baby who was crying in his swing while I silently sobbed beside him. Three and a half years later, and I’ve learned a lot. I graduated from the sleep school of hard knocks. To be honest, we are still managing the effects of all those bad sleep habits we helped my son acquire in...

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How to Create a Relaxed Toddler and Newborn Schedule

It happened, mama. I have been to the pinnacle of motherhood and back. There I sat, hunched over on a stool outside the bathroom door. The scene looked familiar… a story for my son as he sat on the potty. But this time something was different. Oh that’s right! My merely four-day-old baby was nursing away as I regaled her and big brother with the tale of David and the giant. My whole body groaned from the recent strain of labor. The baby fussed. Yet I sensed that my older son really needed a story from his mama that...

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Quiet Time for Kids: How I Switched My Preschooler from Naptime to Quiet Time

  Here’s the thing no one tells you when you become a mama…Parenting is all about stages, right? Some things work great for a week, a few months, or even years. And then, suddenly, everything turns upside down! Naptime and quiet time for kids is no exception. This holds so true in the area of sleep. It never fails. Just when we seem to have hit a rhythm with my son’s sleep habits and schedule; a growth spurt, a tummy ache, or a slightly off schedule throws his sleep into haywire mode. So here’s the truth: Change is just...

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