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DIY Salt Writing Tray for Preschool Fine Motor Activities

What’s a mama to do to entice her preschooler to practice pre-writing? We’re not big fans of worksheets at our house. Learning sticks more when it’s immersive and hands-on! In fact, we’ve got a super-relaxed method of doing homeschool preschool you can steal! Still, it’s absolutely essential that we teach fine motor skills and pre-writing practice with our preschoolers right? Looking for more toddler and preschooler ideas? Try this fun process art project for kids! Maybe you’ve seen a cute salt writing tray on Pinterest, or drooled over a Montessori-inspired wooden tray on Amazon. Why not make your own...

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Invitation to Paint: Toddler Pom Pom Painting

Do you ever get stuck in a rut when it comes to activities with your little ones? Maybe you’ve colored your way through ten coloring books, or perhaps you’ve come to the end of your ever-loving Lego wits. Yep, me too. I’ve got to confess that we’ve been in just such a rut lately. For some reason our go-to art activity has been play-doh for months. We made play-doh trains, bugs, snakes, letters, and shapes. We’re play-doh-ed out, thank you very much. So a few weeks ago I decided it was time to break the cycle, climb out of...

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Fun Friday: 10 Epic Ideas for Your Kid’s Summer Bucket List

Ahhh Friday. Universally the best loved day of the week. Why? It’s full of promise, the anticipation of weekend adventure. And in summertime, it’s simply epic. Fun Friday is all about the kids, mama. Read on to get a bit of Fun Friday summer inspiration! If you’ve been following along, you’ve tackled a fun-packed week of summer activities with your kids. Today is the day to sit back, relax, and let your kids take over! Kids crave fun. It’s literally what they’re built for. They will live for Fun Friday, I promise you. This summer, I dare you to...

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Make it Monday: 10 Stunning Ideas for Kids + Free Printable!

Summer fun is here! Today, I’ll give you a few super easy and doable ideas to create magical Make it Mondays with your kids this summer. Are you ready to awaken the maker in your child? Here are a few tips to know before you tackle any Make it Monday project: Keep it simple. In this post, I’ve gathered a few simple projects for you to start with. The key to success in any project with kids is simplicity! Don’t expect little ones to sit for hours creating a detailed craft. Set yourself up for success and stick to...

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Summer Schedule FREE Printable

  Summer is the perfect time to get creative and intentional with your household schedule! Don’t waste another summer away. This is the year to make memories with your kids! Here’s a fun (albeit obvious) fact for ya, mama. There are only 18 summers to spend with your child until he graduates high school. That’s approximately 36 months, 144 weeks, 1,008 days, or 24,192 hours. Do. Not. Waste. It. Mama, let me encourage you: Don’t make your summer schedule about planning, planning, planning. There’s really no need to stress about getting materials together, missing a day here and there,...

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