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Mom Advice: 10 Things to do When You’re About to Lose Your Patience with Your Kids

Have you ever met a perfect mom? She never loses her temper, never loses her patience, and certainly never loses her car keys. Nope. Me neither. All moms get frustrated. It’s part of the bargain. You see, we’re raising up these little seeds. We water, prune, and tend, but they’ve got a long, long way to go before we see the fruit. But, if you’re like me you might find your self in a hamster wheel cycle of impatience with your children. Nobody’s perfect, not even the best mother. In fact, sometimes, we are a bit fruitless ourselves, right?...

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What Every Mom Needs to Know to Change the World, One Healthy Choice at a Time

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Heart Association. All opinions are 100% mine. What did you see the last time you looked in the mirror? A few more wrinkles than before, a couple hard-earned gray hairs? Look again. You, my friend, are a world changer. You are a powerful force in the world simply because you are a positive influence in the health of your family. The thing is, you’re not alone. You’re part of a whole generation of world-changing moms. So, just how are you making the world a better place? Every...

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Toddler Sleep Battles: 3 Secrets for Moms in Survival Mode

Are you smack dab in the middle of toddler sleep battles? Maybe your little one has previously been a rock-star sleeper and recently started having trouble falling and staying asleep. Or, if you’re like me, sleep has always been a bone of contention with your child. I’ve been there. I empathize with the exhaustion, the “why me” questions, the end-of-your rope feeling. I know. The thing is, I read all those helpful articles about creating the best sleep for your toddler. I even wrote one of my own! I followed the advice. I mustered up all the consistency I...

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Creative Ways to Think BIG and Expand Your Kids’ Horizons

It’s Week 6 in our Think Like a Teacher Series! What’s the last thing you did with your kids that made them say “Wow!”? Have the daily ins and outs of parenting have kept your vision small and your focus narrow? This week I’m going to give you inspiration to help you think BIG and expand your kids’ horizons! When I was a teacher, one of my main goals was to give my students a vision of the immeasurable possibilities that lay ahead in life. Sometimes as parents we need to teach routines (which are vital!) or practical habits...

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5 Second Fixes to be a Better Mom Today

Have you ever had one of those days? Your time is running short, your kids are running the halls, and you are running out of patience? We’ve all been there, it’s part of the package that comes with motherhood sometimes. And I’m OK with that! These are character molding times y’all. So what do you do with a day that seems to go all wrong?  It seems to me you have two simple choices: 1. Let it slide and spend the rest of the day wishin’ and hopin’ tomorrow turns out better. OR 2. Take action! Be proactive and...

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Filling the Bucket for Kids Who Misbehave

Welcome to Week 4 in our Think Like a Teacher Series! Looking for a way to reconnect with your child who seems to be in trouble all the time? It’s all about filling the bucket! This week, we’ll talk about how to keep your child’s love tank full even when they misbehave. Build bridges to help support positive behavior. Don’t forget to check out the Action Steps at the end of this post!   Why should you think like a teacher? Well the short answer is that you want to be intentional about helping your family thrive! As a former...

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Three Smart Strategies to Raise Lifelong Learners

What kind of learners do you have in your home?  Are your kids ready to jump on any chance to learn something new, get their hands dirty, experiment, and explore? Or, is your house full of hesitant, not easily impressed, or reluctant learners? If you think you may have a few reluctant learners under your roof, (or if you want to encourage your kids to love learning even more) this post is just for you! Special thanks to for sponsoring this post! I’m thrilled to be able to share these tips with you today. Affiliate links are included...

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Rock the Benevolent Boss Attitude in Your Home

Welcome to Week 3 in my Think Like a Teacher Series! Are you struggling to keep a calm and collected front in the face of misbehavior from your kids? This week, I’ll show you how teachers rock the benevolent boss attitude to manage their classrooms, and how you can master this skill in your own home! Don’t forget to check out the Action Steps at the end of this post! Why should you think like a teacher? Well the short answer is that you want to be intentional about helping your family thrive! As a former teacher turned stay...

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Building a Creativity Packed Home

Welcome back to Week 2 in my Think Like a Teacher Series! I’m so excited about the feedback I’ve got on this series! This week, I promise I’ll bring you another proven teaching strategy you can use as home with your kids. Don’t forget to check out the Action Steps at the end! Why should you think like a teacher? Well the short answer is that you want to be intentional about helping your family thrive! As a former teacher turned stay at home mama, I can tell you that skills I learned as a teacher often come in...

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Using Wait Time to Build Conversation and Confidence with Your Kids

Welcome to Week 1 in my Think Like a Teacher series! This series is designed to give you, as a parent, proven teaching strategies to help your kids thrive at home. I was a Gifted and Talented teacher for years, and I loved every minute of it. Now, as a stay at home mom, I’m finding that the skills and habits I learned as a teacher are incredibly useful as a mama too! Read more about this series here… This week addresses the topic of wait time. You know, the period of time between when you ask a question...

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