Early Learning Bible Curriculum

Other mamas say...

"I was thrilled to discover Julie's curriculum and how easy it is to implement. My 2 year old's attention span is short, but giving him the coloring page with the Bible verse engages him just enough for me to go over the verse and story... I will be implementing Julie's other curriculums not only because of their ease of use, but also because it is a great way for me to expose my babies to the Bible." - Holly V.

"I appreciate that you give activities for various lengths of time. Right now I pretty much just have time for the five minute suggestions. But this curriculum can grow and be used again as our attention span grows and our ability grows. I love that I can go back and use each curriculum more than once." - Abigail B.

Core Curriculum

So what's unique about my curriculum? I ask three revealing questions of each lesson before it makes the cut... 

  • Is it do-able and stress-free for moms? 
  • Is it infused with truth and wisdom from God's word? 
  • Does it draw out deep thinking, diligence, and real learning from my child?

Inside each curriculum pack you'll find...

  •  Hands-on lessons designed to engage your child with all 5 senses.
  •  Seamlessly integrated early learning skills...letter recognition and reading readiness, beginner math and geometry concepts, inquiry-based science projects, and more!
  •  Lessons aligned with well-loved educators such as Charlotte Mason and Maria Montessori. (Psst...check them out for yourself! Their writings are game-changers.)

+ BONUS features...

  •  Curriculum Guide to help you jump-start each curriculum pack.
  •  Reccomended Reading List (hand-selected living books to supplement the curriculum!)
  •  Recommended Song List (engaging, interactive songs to promote whole-brain learning!)
  •  4 custom kid's coloring pages in each pack.
  •  4 unique coloring pages for moms! Slow down with your little one as you color together. Then hang those artworks for everyone to see!

  •  30 Day Money Back Guarantee! If my curriculum doesn't meet your expectations, I'll send you a prompt and happy refund, no questions asked :)
  •  Instant access! Each curriculum pack is available through a PDF download, so you can start right away.

Meet Julie

Hey there, mama! I'm Julie, a former teacher, and current stay-at-home mom. I'm so excited to share my early learning Bible curriculum with you. I hope your child finds it as much fun as my little guy does! With my background in education- I taught Gifted and Talented students for four years- I'm always looking for ways to bring the classroom to our living room or our backyard. 

Are you ready to teach, disciple, and learn? Here's to big brains and kind hearts for our little ones!

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