Looking for an easy DIY backyard project? Add a circle to a rope swing to create an instant fun zone for kids or adults. Make a circle swing for your own yard in a few easy steps.

Some girls like jewelry. Some girls like manicures and spa days.

Me? If you need me, I’ll be in my backyard, with the breeze in my hair and the sun on my face, playing with my little dude.
We recently moved into a new house. While we love the house itself, can I share a secret with you? We bought it for the backyard. I’ve found my happy place, y’all.

Gorgeous trees, fuzzy baby cows to visit with by the back fence, and plenty of shade all day long. It’s almost perfection.

But our backyard was missing something!

This past weekend, we decided to whip together this DIY circle swing on a budget. Take a peek at our process, and learn how to make yours fast. It only takes an hour or so, and you’ll be swinging in your happy place too!

DIY Circle Swing | julesandco.net

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Materials and Tips:

  • Circle shaped wood scrap, pre-made wood round, or plastic round swing. (Hint: you can definitely build your own circular piece for cheaper, but if you want an even easier DIY circle swing project, just grab a pre-made circular swing seat. I happened to have a scrap piece of wood in a circle shape leftover from a wood counter top I made for our bathroom vanity.)
  • Rope (You’ll need about 1.5 times the distance from the ground to your tree limb.)
  • Drill (We have this tool kit set and it does the job nicely.)
  • 1/4 inch Drill bit (Use this to drill the pilot hole in the center.)
  • Paddle or spade drill bit ( I used a 1 inch bit, be sure to grab one with just a slightly wider diameter than your rope.)
  • Polyurethane or exterior paint.
  • A bit of gumption, a bit of sunshine, and a free hour on the weekend!
DIY Circle Swing | julesandco.net

Step 1: If you’re starting from scratch, the easiest way to draw out a circle for your seat is to attach a piece of sting to a pencil on one end and a nail on the other. Measure and mark your center point. Place the nail on the center point and stretch the string to the radius you’d like, and mark out your outside circle lines. Use a jigsaw to cut the curved edges. Then,drill a pilot hole in the center of your wood piece with a regular drill bit.


DIY Circle Swing | julesandco.net

Step 2: Attach the paddle bit to your drill. Drill a circular hole through the center, just slightly larger than your rope.

DIY Circle Swing | julesandco.net

Step 3: Sand with 80 grit, then with 120 grit or a higher grit for a super-smooth surface. You want to make sure those little knees and bottoms are nice and comfy on the swing seat! I also added a quick coat of spray polyurethane for added durability.

DIY Circle Swing | julesandco.net

Step 4: Take it outside! Grab your rope and tie the upper knot first before you put the swing on. Tie a running bowline knot over the tree limb. Then, pull on the opposite end of the rope to cinch the knot around the limb. No ladder required!

DIY Circle Swing | julesandco.net

Step 5: Next, thread your rope through the seat and tie a half hitch knot under the bottom of the seat. If you’re worried your knot might slip through the hole, add a large washer before you tie the underneath knot.

DIY Circle Swing | julesandco.net

And there we go! It’s simple, quick, and the perfect spot to enjoy the trees and fresh air.

It’s not fancy, but I’ve found my happy place. Make one yourself this weekend!

Share with me below, what is your favorite backyard addition to create your own “happy place?”