This post was sponsored by Fresh From Florida as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central, however all opinions expressed are my own. 

As a mom, we have a lot on our plates. We’re constantly thinking about how to provide the best for our kids to keep them healthy and strong. Are they getting enough sleep? Enough outside play? And don’t even start on what they eat, right?

Providing healthy, fresh foods is one of the best things we can do for our kids. But in this day and age, doesn’t it seem to get more and more difficult to help our kids steer clear of those sugar-loaded processed foods? Thankfully, in Florida we have an amazing network of farmers who make it easy for everyone to eat fresh produce year-round!

My favorite place to find Fresh From Florida produce is my local farmer’s market. I love visiting the families who sell their produce there, and I really enjoy the homegrown atmosphere as I shop.

In my most recent trip to my farmer’s market, I came home with a bounty of colorful produce. Doesn’t your mouth water just looking at those goodies?

I decided to use the fresh corn and peppers to create a delicious and healthy lunch for myself and my preschool-aged son. My little guy loves quesadillas, so I couldn’t wait to try out this recipe for Florida Sweet Corn and Jack cheese Quasadilla. You can find the original recipe here, or browse tons of yummy Fresh From Florida recipe ideas instead.

First, I sauteed fresh corn and peppers in a skillet with a dash of salt and pepper. Then I added black beans and cumin and stirred it all together.

To assemble the quesadillas, I layered cheese, the corn mixture, fresh cilantro, and more cheese. I tossed the quesadillas back in the skillet to get a nice crunch on the tortillas and melt the cheese. Then I sliced it up into quarters. All done!

I love that this recipe made plenty to last us for the next day’s lunch as well. Eating a healthy lunch with my little one at home couldn’t be simpler!

Want to put healthy food on your child’s plate without the stress? Look for food, produce, and seafood labeled Fresh From Florida in your local grocery store or at your favorite farmer’s market. Be sure to visit the Fresh From Florida homepage. You can also Follow the Fresh on Twitter and check out their Fresh! recipe videos.