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Every mom has a personal motivation for her journey to stay healthy. My why looks like a sweet little face with two blue eyes. What's your why? Share with me! #FamilyIsWhy; #LifeIsWhy

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Heart Association. All opinions are 100% mine.

What did you see the last time you looked in the mirror? A few more wrinkles than before, a couple hard-earned gray hairs? Look again. You, my friend, are a world changer. You are a powerful force in the world simply because you are a positive influence in the health of your family.

The thing is, you’re not alone. You’re part of a whole generation of world-changing moms. So, just how are you making the world a better place? Every day that you make healthy living a priority for your family, you make real change. Join the movement toward a healthier, longer life!

Maybe you’re a seasoned veteran of the healthy living lifestyle. Or maybe, like me, you’re just starting this journey. No matter what camp you fall under, you probably need a little motivation along the way. These action steps will help you find success on your world-changing, healthy living adventure!

Find Your “Why”

The first step on any road to healthy living is to find your “why.” What is your motivation for creating a healthy lifestyle for you and your family? What’s your core desire as you make healthy living a priority? This is so incredibly important. In fact, if you really want yourself and your family to succeed on your journey to a healthier life, you absolutely must define your motivation. Write it down, journal it, or do whatever it takes to find that motivation!


AHAFor me, my “why” looks like a sweet little face, a patch of blonde hair, and two bright blue eyes. I want to be healthy for my family! I need to be able to run through puddles, jump over dirt piles, and play until the sun goes down- not only with my son tomorrow, but with my grandchildren 30 years from now.

Take a minute to think about it. What’s your “why?”

Make Simple Changes

When you think of starting a healthy lifestyle journey, it can be tempting jump in headfirst. For me though, it’s the simple changes that make a difference as I make healthy living a priority. Here are a few of my favorite, stress-free tips to be a little more healthy, every day.

  • Buy produce from a local farmer’s market. I swear it has transformed the way I cook! Fresh veggies make a huge difference, and it’s such a simple change.
  • Get outside every day. Whether it’s taking a 15 minute walk while dinner is in the oven, or tackling a chore in the backyard after work, getting out in the sunshine makes exercise fun!
  • Get the kids involved. Can I let you in on a secret? These days I work out once or twice a week if I’m lucky. The bulk of the exercise I get is simply from playing with my son all day long. As a stay-at-home-mom, I make it a priority to help my son stay active. It keeps me moving too!

Get Connected

I used to work out with a friend after dinner every night. I’ll be honest, I hated having to get out of the house every night during the week, but those workout were the best I’ve ever had! We laughed with (and at) each other, and even more importantly we pushed each other to our limits. That’s the beauty of connection. When you connect with other moms, you harness a world-changing power. The more power moms have to make a change for themselves and their families, the more moms that make healthy living a priority, the healthier our future will be. Because, moms united can make real change.

If you’re ready to join the healthy living movement, it’s so important for you to find a community of encouragement and connection.

  • The Moms Unite Facebook Group is the perfect place where fellow moms can join to encourage one another and share tips for leading a healthy life.
  • Follow the American Heart Association on Pinterest for everyday healthy living tips.
  • American Heart Association’s Life Is Why site is also a great resource for living a healthier life. Unite with other moms and share your “why” with a community of supporters!

Are you ready to be a world-changer? United moms can change the world, one healthy choice at a time. Be sure to share your “why” with me in the comments below!

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