Dig deep and grow with this Fruit of the Spirit devotional. 15 days of challenging, inspiring Bible study to help you abide and grow in the Lord.

Hey, mama. It’s time to grow!

Dig deep and grow with this Fruit of the Spirit devotional. 15 days of challenging, inspiring Bible study to help you abide and grow in the Lord.

Are You Ready To…

    • Learn how to develop the Fruit of the Spirit God’s way?
    • Dive deep into fruitful living, and watch it transform everything?
    • Be challenged by hard truths so that you can finally see real growth?

Ever feel like something’s missing in your walk with the Lord? Do you have a sense that you’re just not as fruitful as He’s called you to be?

In our lives as mothers, wives, and the other ten thousand hats we wear, cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit is often dead last on our list.

The result is devastating.

Without this good fruit, we quickly become overwhelmed, impatient, harsh, and worldly. The fruit of the sinful nature wreaks havoc in our lives!

We notice it in the way we speak to our husbands.

We’re painfully aware of this disconnect in the way we parent our children.

We cringe at our own lack of love, joy, peace, and the like.

This unfruitful way of living crops up in our homes, our families, and even our communities.

But we say it’s time to grow.

What would it look like to live life as an abundantly fruitful woman?

What would change if you began to abide in the Lord?

Can you imagine the possibilities?

Can you imagine yourself as a fruitful, Spirit-led Mom?

The Fruit {Full} Mom Devotional

Learning to live by the Spirit isn’t just a one-and-done Bible study. If you truly study and apply these Biblical truths, they will transform every area of your life!

This 15-day email devotional will position you to learn how to develop the Fruit of the Spirit.

This isn’t self help. It’s the gospel. It’s the power of God’s Spirit in you.

In this Fruit of the Spirit Devotional, You’ll Discover…

    • How to rest in the Lord
    • The joy of discipline
    • Freedom to grow in good fruit
    • Practical tips for abiding in Christ
    • Transformative, fruitful studies in God’s living Word!

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. Galatians 5: 22-23


How is this study structured?

The Fruit {Full} Mom devotional is delivered in a 15-day email series. You’ll receive each day’s study directly to your inbox for easy access!

What does each daily study include?

Every day you’ll dig into a laser-focused topic related to the Fruit of the Spirit. You’ll read a short email devotion, dive into one hand-selected chapter from your Bible, then be encouraged to journal and pray. It’s so simple, yet so effective!

How long will this study take?

This study lasts for 15 days. Each daily devotional will take you 15-30 minutes to read, journal, and apply. Small changes make huge impacts in your spiritual life! You won’t want to miss this chance.

What if I don’t like the study?

Not what you signed up for? I offer a full refund within 30 days of your purchase. However, I know you’ll anticipate and love each daily devotional!

How do I access the emails?

Once you purchase the devotional, you’ll receive an immediate email with your bonus files. A separate email for the first day’s devotional will also be sent within one hour. Be sure to mark this email as safe and drag it to your regular inbox folder so the following days don’t get sent to spam! The following emails will be sent first thing each morning.
Please email contact@julesandco.net with any issues or questions.

Bonus Features

I know you’ll be impacted by the email devotionals. They’ve changed my life, and I’m confident they’ll change yours, too!

But I’ve got more goodies for you! Enjoy these bonuses along with your devotional!

    • 5 gorgeous phone lock screens to keep fruitfulness before your eyes and on your mind.
    • 2 pretty printables to help you soak in and apply God’s word to your heart.

Are you ready? This Fruit of the Spirit devotional is going to change everything for you. Imagine what a Spirit-led, fruitful version of you would look like.

Are you ready to grow?

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