Light a Fire

A Mom's Guide to Raising Lifelong Learners

Have you secretly been wondering if you’re doing it right when it comes to teaching your kids? And have you never done anything about it, well…because raising kids who love to learn seems like a never-ending, impossibly difficult task?

The trouble is, you tell yourself, that to raise curious, creative kids you must sacrifice every waking moment to workbooks, complicated Pinterest arts and crafts, and expensive “enrichment” activities.

It’s just easier to let them watch one more episode, go to school, do the homework, and let them be.

Can I share a secret? You can raise lifelong learners. Starting right at home. And keep your sanity, too.

Learn how any mom – whether you stay at home or work outside the home- with my insider’s guide, can start lighting the fire of learning at home now!

Struggling to inspire curiosity and creativity in your kids?

Wondering what to do with easily bored, screen-dependent children?

Looking to create an exciting culture of learning, right at home?

“This book is well-designed and well-written. The information is based on educational research and Julie’s experience as an educator. I found it so valuable! After more than 10 years in education, this book taught me some excellent ways to build a love of learning that I had never thought of! I find these pieces of wisdom repeating themselves in my mind. They have made me reconsider the toys and books in our home, as well as how we spend our time.”

Leah M.

My Little Robins

"A love of learning starts at home. It won't come from your child's friend, school, or teacher. It will come from you!"


 Light a Fire contains everything you ever wanted to know about creating a culture of learning at home. I’ll teach you strategies and tips that will walk you through each unique stage of your child’s life.

Action-Based Strategies

As a mom, you don’t have time for fluff. Well, you won’t find any fluff in this eBook! Instead, I’ve included actionable tips that you can implement immediately to see results in the way your children relate to learning.

Section Summaries

I know just how overwhelming important information like this can seem. That’s why I’ve included a helpful summary sheet at the end of each book section. These will help you to review and take action on your Light a Fire gameplan!

Research-Based Strategies

What good are parenting tips if they’re not grounded in good research? Everything you’ll find in Light a Fire is rooted in years of best practices from teachers and parents alike. I’ll share insider strategies I learned in my years as a Gifted and Talented teacher.

Interactive Worksheets

Light a Fire is more than just an eBook. You’ll find tons of printable worksheets to help you apply what you’ve learned in a simple, effective way.

A Complete Gameplan

Whether your child is two or 18, I’ve made sure to include valuable tips for each unique stage.

Set a Spark: How can you set a solid foundation for learning and curiosity in the baby and toddler years?

Fuel the Fire: I’ll give you tips and resources for helping your child expand their horizons and find areas of passion and interest in the formative years.

Fan the Flames: Encourage and support your child’s independence and passion as they venture out as a lifelong learner.

What's Inside

  •  47 page eBook (PDF format)
  •  7 pages of actionable worksheets and planning pages
  •  Epilogue: Wisdom and tips from experienced moms. (This section is worth gold! These moms all have successful grown children. Their kids are now teachers, biologists, geologists, and entrepreneurs! You’ll love these personal quotes.)

In this age of instant gratification and round-the-clock entertainment, it’s becoming more and more difficult to raise kids who have the tools to become lifelong learners. I know I want better for my child, and I am sure you do too. Let’s work together to raise up a new generation of curious, creative kids- a new generation of world changers!

Julie McCorkle