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Inside: Searching for Montessori toys for your toddler or preschooler? These classic toys will inspire beauty in every day. You’ll love this list of hand-picked Montessori-inspired toys for your child!
Kids crave simplicity! Create a rich, simple, and beautiful environment for play with Montessori toys. Click through for 10+ of the best Maria Montessori inspired toys. These learning toys are perfect for your baby, toddler, or preschooler. Plus, they're all available on Amazon, too!

Close your eyes. Now imagine your most happy place. Whether it’s a beach, the mountains, a favorite chair and a good book, or your own backyard, chances are it shares one characteristic.


Isn’t it beautiful?

Now, if you dare, close your eyes one more time. Imagine your child’s playroom, bedroom, or learning space. Does the word simplicity come to mind?

What about clutter, over-stimulation, or noisy?

Yeah, I’m with you on that one. If you’re like me, you know its way too easy to add more toys, pile on the clutter, and stuff it all in a toy box. If your kids are like my kid, their brains are most likely just as overloaded as that toy box.

Everything in our culture conspires to keep this secret from you:

Our kids crave simplicity, too.

Not a bazillion blinking, loud, shoddily made toys. Not more “learning” games and apps. Nope.


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What I admire about the Maria Montessori approach to education is the fierceness with which she clings to this rare idea of simplicity.

It all starts with the quantity and quality of toys that you give your children.

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With that in mind, here are 10+ Montessori toys for your baby, toddler, or preschooler. The best part is, you can buy these directly on Amazon! (Can I get an amen for Amazon Prime anybody?) Read on, and find the perfect Montessori toy to bring simplicity, beauty, and peace to your child’s play space.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. I’ll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

10+ of the Best Montessori Toys Available on Amazon

Maze Activity Cube

Kids Wooden Roller Coaster Montessori Educational Toy |

Younger babies and toddler will love this classic wooden activity center! And it will grow with your child as they learn shapes, numbers, and how to tell time.

SHOP HERE >> Get this beautiful wooden activity cube!

Montessori Phonetic Reading Blocks

Montessori Phonetic Reading Blocks for the Beginning Reader |

Learning just sticks more when it’s tactile, right? That’s why I love these letter blocks. It’s such a great way to practice reading with hands-on sensory input as well!

SHOP>> Help your beginning reader with these classic letter blocks.

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Classic Counting Bears and Cups

Rainbow Counting Bears with Color Matching Sorting Cups Set |

This counting bear set comes with matching sorting cups. Plus it includes a free activity guide download!

SHOP>> Stock up on this versatile early learning Montessori counting bear set.

Life Skills Fine Motor Boards

Yoovi Early Learning Basic Life Skills Learn to Dress Boards |

One of my favorite aspects of the Montessori philosophy is the focus on promoting life skills from an early age. These colorful boards will help your child learn how to dress himself, and encourage confidence and independence!

SHOP>> Buy these cute life skills practice boards.

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Wooden Geometric Puzzles

Wooden Toys Montessori Color Math Shapes Geometric Puzzles |

Like so many other Montessori toys, these wooden puzzles are made to grow with your child. Learn basic shapes with your toddler, or practice fractions with your older child! These puzzles are made to last.

SHOP>> Make math fun with these beautiful wooden geometric puzzles!

Number Tiles and Rods Set

Montessori Counting Math Eduction Number Tiles and Rods |

Did you know math can be simple and beautiful, too? With this innovative Montessori set, you can make math more visual for your child, and encourage whole-brain learning!

SHOP>> Pick up these number tiles and rods for early math fun!

Wooden Construction Set

Wooden Construction Set Patterns with Nuts and Bolts |

There are so many things to love about this wooden construction set. It helps build fine motor skills, creativity, and will keep your child engaged and motivated to play!

SHOP>> Classic construction set for kids.

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Jumbo ABC Lacing Beads

Jumbo Wood Alphabet Lacing Beads Busy Bag |

It doesn’t get much more simply or beautiful than these classic lacing beads. Stack them up, make a word, match by color, or just dump into a bucket! Your kids will play with these for years.

SHOP>> Get these colorful lacing beads.

Sandpaper Letter Card Set

Didax Educational Resources Sandpaper Letters, Lowercase |

These sandpaper letter cards are pure genius! Your child will love the sensory input of tracing the letters with his finger. Sing songs together as you learn letters and letter sounds. You don’t need an app to teach your child letters. You just need a little quality time and a simple toy like this one!

SHOP>> Buy these simple letter cards.

Star Flex Construction Kit

Star Flex Creative Connecting Construction Kit for Kids by Skoolzy |

The Montessori way of play embraces simple, beautiful toys. Imagine the beautiful creations your child could make with these unique blocks!

SHOP>> Inspire creativity with this beautiful construction set!

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It’s Your Turn!

Now, it’s time for some #momhomework, my friend! If you’re ready to add simplicity and beauty to your child’s play experience, I dare you to do the following.

  1. Weed out or donate any toy that blinks or makes obnoxious noises, especially that one that plays an annoying song over and over.
  2. Get rid of toys that only have one use. (aka active toys or closed ended toys)
  3. Carefully select toys – like the ones above- to give your children an enriching play environment. Request quality toys for birthdays or holidays. Montessori toys are a great place to begin. Start creating a culture of simplicity!

Don’t forget this one secret: kid’s crave simplicity, too. Now, go forth and simplify, mama!


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