Inside: Looking for gifts for new moms? You’ll love these heartfelt and practical ideas for gift baskets for new moms.

Do you actually remember those first few days and weeks after your baby was born? A friend of mine once told me “The days are long, but the years are short.” I never knew just how true this was until my son was born.

Oh. My. Goodness. Talk about emotional. The highs and lows we experience as new moms are simply hard to put into words.

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Along with a lot of prayer, the one thing that helped me look forward into the future was an abundance of real friendship to walk alongside me.

Friends who brought me sweet new mom gift baskets.

Friends who came over and showed me how to put the baby to sleep.

Sisters who sat beside me as I nursed (and cried).

My mom and mother-in-law who poured encouragement over me constantly.

Side Note: If you’re looking for a more in-depth plan on teaching your baby to sleep well, I highly recommend the book “The Happy Sleeper” by Heather Turgeon and Julie Wright. One of the techniques is called the Sleep Wave, which is the absolute perfect balance between attachment parenting and cry-it-out techniques. This book is a mama-friendly, baby-friendly, science-backed, and practical guide for helping your baby sleep well at night. A friend of mine recommended it to me, and I’m passing on the favor!

Want to keep spreading the love? You’ll love these gorgeous gift ideas for Christian women!

10 Genius Ideas for Gift Baskets for New Moms

So, friend. Are you ready to be one of those life-giving mouthpieces of encouragement for a new mom? Read on for my top picks for gifts for new moms. Psst… she’ll actually want to use these!

Let her know that she can do this. And you’re with her all the way. We can’t do it alone. Let’s do it together.

Gift Idea #1: Letters for My Baby. Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever


Gift Baskets for New Moms | Letters to My Baby

This heirloom-quality journal is a sweet reminder for any new mom to savor the small moments. Each journal page features a writing prompt for mama to complete, then she’ll be able to seal up the envelope to deliver to her child when they’re older. How sweet!

Gift Idea #2: NoseFrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator

Baby Nasal Aspirator NoseFrida the Snotsucker by Fridababy Baby Shower Gift and Registry essential

If you’ve ever had a small baby with a cold, you know how difficult it is to watch them sniffle and know that there’s just no medicine safe for them yet. They’re so tiny! My sister bought one of these nifty devices for her little guy when he was a baby. It’s just as gross as it sounds, but hey, it gets the job done! I used it for my second baby and it’s nothing short of miraculous.

Gift Idea #3: The Gift of Motherhood: Adult Coloring book

Gift Baskets for New Moms | The Gift of Motherhood Adult Coloring Book

 Any new mom will tell you that staying home with a brand new baby will wear on your nerves. Yes, those days are full of love and lots of memories, but sometimes mama needs to think about something else for a few minutes right? Help her find a few minutes of creative outlet with this cute coloring book for adults.


Gift Idea #4: Gift Card in a Greeting Card

Gift Baskets for New Moms | Amazon Gift Card Set

For the new mom who has it all… or the new mom who has no clue what she wants! 


Gift Idea #5: Mama Bear & Papa Bear Coffee Mug Gift Set

Gift Baskets for New Moms | Mama Bear & Papa Bear | Premium 11oz Coffee Mug Gift Set - Perfect Birthday Gifts for Mom and Dad, Anniversary Gifts for Parents, New Parents Gifts, Dad to be Gifts, Christmas Mom Dad His Grandparents

I can’t get enough of these sweet mama and papa bear coffee mugs! These would be perfect with a little candy or chocolate stuffed inside. Yes, please!

Gift Idea #6: mDesign Gray/Ivory Storage Bin

Gift Baskets for New Moms

Don’t forget about an actual basket to put all these gifts for new moms! This cute and simple storage bin does double duty as as a gift basket, nursery storage, or a handy nursing station bag.

Gift Idea #7: Milk Drunk Energy Protein Bars for Breastfeeding Mamas

Gift Baskets for New Moms | Milk Drunk Energy Bar

New moms don’t get hungry. They get HANGRY. Keep her well fed and healthy with these yummy lactation bars. They’re safe for breastfeeding mamas, and help keep her energy up between meals.


Gift Idea #8: SheaMoisture Mommy & Me Pre/Post Natal Firming Massage Lotion

Gift Baskets for New Moms | Shea Moisture Mommy & Me Pre/Post Natal Firming Massage Lotion, 13 Ounce

Have you ever noticed that new moms tend to forget all about themselves those first few weeks? Help her find just a few minutes of alone time. Pack this mommy-safe lotion with a few candles for a quick pick-me-up for the new mama.

Gift Idea #9: Bella B Mama Soak, Refreshing Sitz Bath Powder

Gift Baskets for New Moms | Bella B Mama Soak, Refreshing Sitz Bath Powder, 16 Oz

Give the new mom one last thing to help her relax and heal. Sitz baths are perfect for soothing tired muscles and helping her to heal up after delivery. Gifts for new moms should be super healing!

Gift Idea #10: Soft Jersey Women’s Christian Tee

Gift Baskets for New Moms | Christian T-Shirt for Women | Anchored Tees Shop

Here’s one more gift for a new mother that will encourage her spirit! Shop more colors and styles of the softest jersey Christian tees at Anchored Tees Shop

Finding the Perfect Gifts for New Moms


Looking for more gifts for new moms? Try this… Make it something heartfelt. Write down your favorite encouraging Scripture or Bible verse, your phone number, and a quick note. We can’t do it alone, mamas. Let’s do it together! Now, go forth, give, and encourage 🙂