Around here, we like to keep it simple. Our homeschool preschool is super relaxed, and I like to keep it that way! Our best learning happens through real play and everyday life lessons.

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Spring is in the air, there’s a feeling of celebration, and our backyard is just bursting with an invitation to come out and play. My little guy loves running around our backyard, stretching his legs, and getting all those wiggles out.¬†But Easter calls for a little something special, right?

So I whipped up these number cards for a low-prep preschool Easter egg number hunt activity!

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In this activity, your child will:

  • Identify numerals
  • Place numerals in the correct number line order
  • Build gross motor skills
  • Practice following directions


  • Printable Easter egg number cards (Get the free download below!)
  • Popsicle or craft sticks
  • Craft glue or hot glue gun
  • (optional) laminator and laminating sheets

Quick Prep:

First, print around the Easter eggs and trim the edges. Did you grab that printable yet?

Next, you can either choose to laminate the egg prints or leave them as is. If you’re not going to laminate, I would suggest printing on cardstock if you have any on hand. Since you’ll be playing outside the eggs will need to withstand a bit of wear and tear.

Now you’re ready to stick the eggs on your craft sticks! Make sure to attach enough of the eggs on the stick so that they don’t fold over too much. You want them to be easy to read!

Ideas for your Preschool Easter Egg Number Hunt Activity:

There are so many ways you can use these number cards to teach early math skills to your preschooler! Read on for a few of my favorite tips.

  • Stick the eggs randomly into the ground around your backyard or play area. Call out a number at random, and have your child dash to pick up the number and bring it back. Use a cute Easter basket to collect the paper eggs as your child finds the correct number!
  • Help your child place the eggs in correct number line order. A great way to provide support for this is to skip numbers at first. You place the numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 in a row with an extra space in between each number. Let your child fill in the blanks with the missing number.
  • For a bit more challenge, ask your child questions like, ” Can you find the number that is one less than four?” Or, “Can you find the number that is one more than five?”
  • Try a speed round! My little guy loves pretending that he is his favorite animal, a cheetah. Start a timer, or do a countdown, then let your child go pick up as many numbers as he can at a time. Just make sure he calls out the number as he pulls it out of the ground!
  • Encourage gross motor skills with this simple tip: Place the Easter egg number cards in order, but arrange them in a wide zig-zag pattern in the grass. Let your child race to pick up the numbers. This helps him learn how to balance and make those sharp turns at the angles!


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