Hey there, mama! Welcome to the Jules & Co resources for moms page.

I know you.

I know how you wake up way too early and yet still think you should wake up earlier. I know how you stress and worry about what your children eat, what they wear, and how they sleep. I know you wonder if you’re doing enough as a working mom, and I know how you feel guilty for loving nap time so much as a stay-at-home mom. I know that you feel drained, ecstatic, irritated, and hopeful- all within the span of 15 minutes.

So… let’s do better.

Not through our own strength, but through God’s grace and in community with each other. Let’s pick each other’s brains and get intentional about preparing ourselves for the beautiful job of motherhood. Ready?

I’m convinced that being more intentional as a mom all starts with the right tools. Would you build a house without a hammer? Of course not! With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of my favorite resources for moms. These tools will help you find your groove, simplify your life and business, and gain confidence as a mom.

(Affliate links are included below. I only recommend products that I love and use for myself and my family!)

Favorite Resources For Moms

  • MomAgenda planners and binders: Whether you’re a SAHM or work outside the home, I know you’ve got a lot on your plate. What you need is a plan. Moms everywhere are raving about MomAgenda planners. They’re designed with you in mind, to fit the needs of your busy life. Stop scrambling. Start planning. Be intentional!
  • 7 Days to Smarter Storytime: If there’s one thing that I cling to as a mama, it’s storytime. A few minutes with my little guy curled up in my lap sure can turn the day around for the better! Experts agree that reading aloud with your child is one of the most important habits to create in your family. Learn how to read aloud like a rock star with my FREE 7 day eCourse!
  • Positive Parenting Solutions: Being a mom is hard. Really hard! Sometimes we need an expert- someone who’s been there- to mentor, encourage, and give us the kick in the seat of the pants we need. I love the philosophy behind PPS, and I really appreciate that the strategies are both practical and grounded in wisdom. Misbehaviors Driving You Crazy From Parenting Expert Amy McCready A Step-By-Step Process That Really Works. Free Trial!
  • 5 Second Fixes to Be a Better Mom (One Small Moment at a Time): Great moms know this secret: it’s the small moments that matter most. Get inspired to seek out those seemingly insignificant moments with your own kids, plus grab my FREE printable cheat sheet to stick on your fridge. Join thousands of other moms who are using this resource to make the small moments matter!
  • Make Over Your Mornings: Crystal Paine is a seriously busy woman. She runs her mega-blog Money Saving Mom, homeschools her children, and travels all around the world. It sounds wonderfully exhausting. But if she can wake up every morning with a smile and a plan, so can I! Her eCourse, Make Over Your Mornings, will teach you how to start your day off right, get the most out of your mornings, and be intentional about living each day to the fullest.

Top Toys to Boost Learning

Did you know that not all toys are created equal? If you’re a mom with young kids, I challenge you to glance around your child’s room. Do you see toys with value, or toys that are worthless? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about the price of each toy. I’m talking about what kind of value it brings your child. I love teaching mamas like you how fun and easy it is to teach your little ones at home. As a teacher and a mama, I recommend the brands below for building independent play and creativity in your children.

  • The LEGO Shop: The LEGO brand is a classic for a reason. There is pretty much nothing more open-ended than a box of LEGO blocks. Use them for free play or integrate hands-on learning activities with your young children. LEGOs are a fantastic investment for any child. My little man loves them! Save up to 30%. See what’s on sale!
  • Melissa and Doug: Every once in a while, there’s a toy brand that you just can’t help falling in love with. Melissa and Doug is one of those brands for me. Every toy that I’ve bought from them is quality-made and has a “let’s get creative and imaginative” vibe to it. My son loves his wooden Melissa and Doug puzzles! Save Up To 50% Off in the MelissaAndDoug.com Outlet Store

Must-Have Resources For Mom Bloggers

I fell in love with blogging shortly after I decided to stay home with my son. I mean, I really fell in love! I plunged head-first into the blogosphere without one clue of where I was going. Along the way, I’ve come across a few tools and resources that have saved me again and again from blogger burnout. I highly recommend the resources below. They save me time, make me money while I spend time with family, and allow me to have energy to focus on the parts of my business that I really love, like writing and connecting with you!

  • ConvertKit: Automation is absolutely essential for bloggers, and even more so for mom bloggers. I simply don’t have time to spend all day working on my business. I’ve got a family to raise, y’all! I stumbled on ConvertKit for my emailing service after about 8 months into blogging, and I haven’t looked back since. The beauty of ConvertKit is that it’s built for bloggers, allowing me to create multiple opt-in freebies, automate drip emails, and broadcast to segments of my email list. It’s seriously a game changer for mom bloggers. Try it out for 30 day, FREE!
  • Tailwind: Is Pinterest your go-to source when you have a meal to make, product to buy, or problem to solve? If you’re a mom blogger, chances are that Pinterest is your readers’ go-to source as well. Meet your audience where they’re at. Make Pinterest your focus for growing your audience and traffic. And…do it the easy way! Tailwind is a Pinterest-approved scheduling tool that allows you to have a 24-7 presence on Pinterest- without actually being on Pinterest 24-7. I’m telling you, it’s sooo easy to use, and it has had a huge impact in the growth of my blog. This is another one of those time-saving necessities that will save your neck as a mom blogger. Tailwind also has a FREE trial, so don’t miss out!
  • SiteGround: When it comes to tech stuff, I’m no good. Thank goodness for SiteGround! I love, love, love my website host. SiteGround offers hosting starting at only $3.95/month. The real deal here is their service though. SiteGround technical support is fast and super helpful. When it comes to website hosting, you want a company you can trust. After all, your entire business is basically in their hands. Go with SiteGround and start your blog off right.
  • Blog by Number: This eBook is one you can’t miss! Suzi is a good blogging friend of mine, and she really knows her stuff. She has a background in engineering, but is now a SAHM and blogger at Start a Mom Blog. She uses her amazing analytical powers to streamline and simplify the blogging business. Plus she shares genius blog hacks that I guarantee you haven’t heard of before!

Looking for more resources and tools to be intentional, stay inspired, and win at mamahood? Browse the blog or the Jules & Co shop. Or, chat with me via email here! I’m all ears 🙂

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