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Inside: Need ideas for summer activities for children? You don’t have to dread all the time your kids will be spending at home during the summer months! Find tips on how your kids can thrive at home this summer.

Need ideas for summer activities for children? You don't have to dread all the time your kids will be spending at home during the summer months! Find tips on how your kids can thrive at home this summer.

It’s now more than a month into summer and school break. Let’s be honest, your kids are probably experiencing boredom and complaining about a lack of things to do.

Sound familiar?

Summer is viewed as a season of freedom from normal day-to-day life and a time full of exciting adventures. So what happens when the reality is not as thrilling as anticipated?

This is probably the stage of summer your kids are in and it can be hard to face that reality. But it’s important as a parent to remember how you felt as a kid during your summers and realize the time is ripe to make memories as a family, even if you can’t afford an elaborate vacation.

With a little preparation and planning for your home, you and your kids can remedy the situation and still create those precious summer memories that will last a lifetime.

Your family will love these easy summer activities for children! By following these tips, you can help make sure your entire family is enjoying their summer from the comfort of your home.

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Four Simple Summer Activities for Children

Convert Your Backyard into a Summer Fun Zone

One of the best parts of summer is the nice weather and ability to spend time outside.

If you haven’t already, now’s the time to make perfect use of your outdoor space and transform it into a place both you and your children will enjoy spending time in.

Take at least one of your daily meals outside by adding a cute kid’s picnic table or outside table and chair set. This gives your kids the feeling of a picnic without the hassle of bringing food somewhere in the car.

Image by feeeling_blue from Pixabay

Aside from the typical backyard play set, you can add an additional level of fun by making your own slip n’ slide. What child doesn’t love playing in water when it’s hot out? Creating the slip n’ slide with the help of your kids will allow them to have a sense of accomplishment and enjoy the fruits of their work.

For some outdoor evening family fun, you can either purchase a firepit or create your own. Nothing says summer nights quite like a bonfire and s’mores.

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Make the Kitchen Fun

Summer days at home are the perfect opportunity to introduce your kids to the kitchen to let them develop a healthy relationship with food and cooking.

Start off slowly by letting them help you with simple tasks like measuring out ingredients, grabbing necessities they have access to and decorating/garnishing. You can build up to teaching them other techniques as their interest and abilities grow.

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

If your children develop a serious interest, you can go out and buy them their own kitchen utensils to use to encourage them to further cultivate their skills.  

Simple recipes like fruit salad, sugar cookies they can decorate, and even sandwiches are easy places to start. 

Have Adventures in Your Living Room

If it’s too hot or rainy to venture outside, you should have an indoor backup plan to keep your kids entertained. Summer activities for children don’t always have to be outdoors!

Your living room makes for the perfect central location to plan out a plethora of fun family activities that will create lasting memories of your time together and your home that you want your kids to have as they continue to grow up.

Image by Mari Kanezaki from Pixabay

Not only does this allow your kids to have fun, but it allows you to be able to bond and play with them. And looking at things through your child’s eyes can help you to further grow your relationship.

Plus, those few hours where you reignite your imagination and remember what it’s like to be young can be a great way to relieve stress.

Invite Others to Join

Whether it’s with their cousins, friends, your friend’s children, it’s important for your kids to interact with others their age during the summer months.

Social interaction is a huge part of your child’s development, and is something that humans in general crave. Don’t let your kids become swept up in the age of technology where screen time replaces genuine in person interactions.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

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Hosting play dates or movie viewings encourages healthy social interaction you control.

This also gives you the perfect excuse to make needed upgrades to your home. If your old sofa has seen better days, and you’re planning on having company over a couple days a week, it means you can make that desired upgrade.

Don’t feel like you need to break the bank however. There are plenty of discount furniture providers out there who can help you save!

Now you can be that parent who has the home where all the kids want to be!

Your Turn

Summer is always thought of as a magical and relaxing time.

There’s no reason why you should let your kids boredom persist. Make a plan and have fun with them!

You don’t need to go on an expensive vacation to create lifelong memories with your kids. Your home has all you need to have a loving and memorable summer!

Comment below, what are your favorite summer activities for children to make memories at home?

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