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Click through to get your free printable summer schedule! Make this summer one to remember with Make it Monday, Take a Trip Tuesday, Water Wednesday, Thinking Thursday, and Fun Friday. Download the free PDF weekly planner now!Summer is the perfect time to get creative and intentional with your household schedule! Don’t waste another summer away.

This is the year to make memories with your kids!

Here’s a fun (albeit obvious) fact for ya, mama. There are only 18 summers to spend with your child until he graduates high school. That’s approximately 36 months, 144 weeks, 1,008 days, or 24,192 hours.

Do. Not. Waste. It.

Mama, let me encourage you: Don’t make your summer schedule about planning, planning, planning. There’s really no need to stress about getting materials together, missing a day here and there, or having the whole summer planned out. Take it a week (or a day!) at a time. Slow. Down. and connect with your kids this summer! I promise you won’t regret it and you definitely won’t forget it either.

Now, back to the matter at hand: There are tons of variations of the summer schedule out there. Today, I want to share with you my take on it. The teacher in me can’t help but throw in a few educational activities. No worries, they’re sneakily fun so your kiddos won’t even realize that they’re learning! Because that’s how I roll ūüėČ

Check out each link below to get tons of useful and fun ideas to make this summer one to remember! Then, make sure to get your free printable download below.

Make it Monday

Find tons of ideas to get kids creating! Awaken the maker in your child.

Take a Trip Tuesday

It’s field trip day! Click through to get inspired and find a fun spot to visit near you.

Water Wednesday

What’s summer without a slip-n-slide? Have fun in the sun with these water play ideas!

Thinking Thursday

No more summer slump! Get those brains in gear with these super fun summer learning activities.

Fun Friday

Kid’s choice! Take the day to engage with your child. Get involved in whatever he loves to do! Cross a few things off that summer bucket list.

Are you ready to get started? I’m so excited to hear about the awesome adventures you’ll be having with your little ones this summer!

Before you head off for all that summer fun, be sure to get your free printable summer schedule planner! Just enter your info in the form below to get your free download. It’s quick and easy, and I know your kids will love using this summer schedule!

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