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Click through to get your free printable summer schedule! Make this summer one to remember with 20+ epic ideas for Take a Trip Tuesday for kids. Download the free PDF weekly planner for your kids now!It’s time Take a Trip Tuesday! Summer fun is all about keeping your kids engaged and expanding their horizons. Combat the summer slump with a few well-timed and fun mini-trips with your kids!

My little one loves adventuring with me. One of our favorite little trips to take is to the local park! Am I thrilled about the buckets of sand that will end up in his shoes afterwards? Nope. Do I really savor the sensation of caterpillars climbing on my toes. Decidedly not. But…my son loves taking a trip to the park. All it takes to make that kid happy is a squeaky swing and a nice breeze. Easy, right?

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that it’s better to keep it simple! If you try to dream up exceptionally-planned, mind-blowingly-grand trips for your kids this summer, chances are you’ll get too busy or overwhelmed to do them at all.

Keep. It. Simple.

Today, I’ve got a few stress-free, easy mini-trips you can take with your kids this summer to help you make Take a Trip Tuesday a success!

Psst…If you’re taking the epic summer challenge with me (and you should be!), be sure to download your free summer schedule printable below! This simple weekly planner will help you get organized and be intentional about making this a summer to remember with your kids!

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Alrighty, on to today’s topic: how can we make every Tuesday a day of epic adventures this summer? We all know it’s not possible to go on a vacation every week. But have you considered a mini-trip? These are perfect for a special summer field trip or a weekend family outing. These mini-trips will help open up the wide world of possibilities to your family. There is a big world out there, ready for exploring!

20+ Epic Ideas for Take a Trip Tuesday

  • visit the recycling center
  • buy an ant farm kit
  • go on a nature hunt in your neighborhood or park
  • learn at a local children’s museum
  • gather shells at the beach
  • go fishing
  • volunteer at a food bank for the homeless
  • visit the local fire station
  • watch big trucks at a construction site
  • visit an airport and compare types of planes
  • get to know a local farmer and help harvest fruits and vegetables
  • ask a grandparent to tell stories about their life
  • plant a flower or tree together
  • take a bike tour of your town
  • have a culture day, complete with food and music from a foreign culture
  • write questions and interview the postman
  • get permission to climb up a forest ranger tower
  • attend an event or story time at your library
  • go on a bug hunt in your backyard
  •  float down the lake or river
  • find a nearby living history museum

I can’t wait to try out these fun ideas for Take a Trip Tuesday this summer!

Which one is your favorite? Got a genius idea to share? Tell me in the comments below!

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