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You’ve managed to defrost the turkey in time, plan out your potato peeling strategy, and practice fluffing the stuffing to perfection. Thanksgiving Day is ready to go!

But wait, what about the kids? Those little ones sure can get antsy while they’re waiting for the turkey to cook. Looking for an activity to keep them busy at the kid’s table? Try my Thanksgiving FREE PRINTABLE acrostic poem. Hours (ok, maybe minutes) of free entertainment!

Build thankfulness in those little hearts with this Thanksgiving poem. Acrostic poems are fun! Just have your child write the name of what they are thankful for beside the correct letter. For example, I could write turkey beside the letter “t,” or flowers beside the letter “f.”

For toddlers and preschoolers, try drawing a picture of what they’re thankful for! There’s no wrong way to think about thankfulness.

To print this Thanksgiving free printable, just head over to my free printable library. Download, print, and you’re ready to go!

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Care to make it interesting? Offer prizes for most the creative poem, longest word, most heartfelt answer, or (for the wee ones) least number of crayons eaten before dinner. Ahem…I see you little man. I see you.


What tips do you have for Thanksgiving Day activities for your kids? Share your success stories below!

Love it? Share it!