Long ago, in a galaxy far, far, away…I was a teacher.

I loved teaching! In fact, the very first teaching job I landed was my dream job. I taught Gifted and Talented classes for grades K-12. The most incredible thing about teaching Gifted was that I wasn’t bogged down with testing requirements and standards. My job was to help gifted kids discover their potential and just LEARN!

Now, as every teacher will tell you, there are always improvements to be made in your classroom. But most of the time, my classroom was a perfect mix of organized chaos.

Real learning happened every day, students were excited to explore and create, and I helped them develop confidence and collaboration skills. We excavated like archeologists, invented like da Vinci, and ruled like the Romans. It was awesome.

But then my son was born! Suddenly I had a whole new set of priorities. These days, I’m at home with my little man. As we move through the toddler years, there’s more and more to explore and learn. More often than not, I find myself putting on my “teacher hat” at home!

Of course, my relationship with my son is different and deeper in so many ways than my relationship with my students. But without a doubt, there are some tricks of the trade I learned as a teacher that profoundly affect the way I parent.

That’s what I want to bring you over the next few weeks.

What “teacher tips” can you as a mama use in your own home?

Here are eight tried and true teacher habits you can carry out with your own kids at home!

I’ll break down the strategies behind each topic to help you think like a teacher. Plus I’ll give you actionable steps to take throughout the week.

You know your kids better than anyone else, mama. Help them thrive by adopting these teaching strategies in your own home!

Start Here!

Week 1: Using Wait Time to Build Conversation and Confidence with Your Kids

Week 2: Building a Creativity Packed Home

Week 3: Rocking the Benevolent Boss Attitude in Your Home

Week 4: Keeping the Bucket Full for Kids Who Misbehave

Week 5: How to Ask Open-Ended Questions

Week 6: Creative Ways to Think BIG and Expanding Their Horizons

Week 7: How to Set Routines at Home

Here’s a pin for ya! Just come back to this post every Monday for your weekly teacher tip.

Use these teaching strategies at home to help your kids thrive!



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