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What kind of learners do you have in your home? 

Are your kids ready to jump on any chance to learn something new, get their hands dirty, experiment, and explore? Or, is your house full of hesitant, not easily impressed, or reluctant learners? If you think you may have a few reluctant learners under your roof, (or if you want to encourage your kids to love learning even more) this post is just for you!

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Today, I’ve got three simple strategies to give your kids the motivation and tools to be lifelong learners.

Why is being a lifelong learner so important anyway? Well, as a former teacher I may be just a little biased, but loving to learn is a character trait that will help your kids succeed in the long term. Think forward a few years to their first day on a new job. They’ll need the courage to jump in head first, the discipline to tackle any subject, and the ability to have an informed opinion on the job. Thank goodness you’ll have instilled these lifelong learner qualities in them early on!

Three Smart Strategies to Raise Lifelong Learners |

Knowledge creates a thirst for more knowledge. The more that you can fill your child’s schema with interesting and awe-inspiring facts, figures, and stories, the more he will make connections to other topics he wants to learn about. For my toddler, I use his LOVE of all things related to trains. We read counting books about trains, alphabet books about trains, dinosaur train books. Get the idea? Find a book your kid can’t put down. What about that book hooks him in? Use whatever that hook is to lead him into the next subject. Found a great fiction book he loves? Try a non-fiction book in a related subject.

The key to getting your kids to read is simple. Make books available EVERYWHERE! When I was a kid, my parents literally had walls lined with books upon books. There were some great kids’ books to be sure, but I also had access to classic literature and informative non-fiction too! I specifically remember a summer where I read The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, completely engrossed in all the captivating tragedy and drama.

The point is, fill up those little brains with as much information as you can! Later on, they’ll be able to pull that information from the back cobwebs of their mind and make connections that are meaningful as an adult.

Three Smart Strategies to Raise Lifelong Learners |

Question everything.

Next on your raise a lifelong learner strategy checklist is to ask LOTS of questions. Kids (and adults too!) learn by exploring and experiencing. Train your kids to ask why. I know what you’re thinking. Am I crazy? Who needs a kid in the backseat asking why 200 times in a row? Well, the world does! We need kids who ask questions because we need adults who ask questions! Questioners learn. Questioners invent. Questioners lead!

So, start questioning everything: How do earthworms live underground? What makes a football spin? What type of bridge is that? When is the best time to plant a tomato?

Use their explorations and experiences as a jumping off point for inquiry. Keep an ear out, and when the moment arrives, ask a relevant question. Then find the answer together!

Three Smart Strategies to Raise Lifelong Learners |

Make it personal.

Education at its core has to be meaningful for it to stick. One size does not fit all. Unfortunately, most children won’t get the personalized instruction they need from a traditional school. As a parent, I know it can be overwhelming trying to supplement learning at home or even going all in with homeschooling. Lifelong learners know how to make learning personal! |

These days, technology is making it easier than ever for busy mamas. Online learning resources are a fantastic way to personalize education for your kids. That’s why I want to tell you about FutureSchool! I am really impressed with the way engages kids right where they’re at. You’ll get customized courses and videos that are developed for specific levels of learning. There’s something for your child, from Kindergarten all the way up to high school!

What’s impressive about the curriculum is that it’s so versatile. You could use this to give remedial learners a boost. Or, you could accelerate your child who isn’t being challenged enough at school.

The individualized curriculum offers an initial skills test, tutoring, and tracking ability for parents. FutureSchool focuses on the core subjects, including online math, English, and a Discovering English course for first time English learners. This engaging website offers online tutoring, videos, and worksheets. It’s designed by teachers, so you can be sure that the content you find on this site is built on solid concepts and best teaching practices.

As a former teacher, I’ve seen my share of educational websites. Most of them are centered around teaching concepts with games. FutureSchool is a refreshing departure back to solid, personalized, and quality education, with the convenience of an online setting! Interested? Try the free 30 Day Trial today!

I know the task of raising a lifelong learner seems like a big deal, but you can do it! Relax. Take it one day at a time. When in doubt: Read. Question Everything. Make it Personal. You won’t regret it!

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