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Inside: Whether it’s your baby’s first haircut or you’re just looking to give your toddler a trim at home, there are a few tricks to make a toddler or baby hair cut at home much easier! Before you pick up those scissors or clippers, read this to save yourself (and your baby or toddler!) a ton of headaches.

Whether it's your baby's first haircut or you're just looking to give your toddler a trim at home, there are a few tricks to make a toddler or baby hair cut at home much easier! Before you pick up those scissors or clippers, read this to save yourself (and your baby or toddler!) a ton of heartache.

Was your child born with a head full of luscious locks?

That was my son. I learned how to cut my husband’s hair to save money while I stayed home with our new baby. It was good practice for trimming a wiggly baby’s hair! My son’s hair is thick and short, so I give him regular trims with clippers.

Looking for a cute boy haircut? Get my step by step tutorial of how to cut toddler boy hair at home!

Or maybe she was bald and beautiful?

That was my daughter. These days she has the curliest, bounciest little bob that perfectly matches her personality. But when she was born she didn’t have one hair on her head! She is gradually growing her hair out, so I give her a nice trim every few months to keep the mullet at bay.

The bottom line is this: Cutting my kids hair at home definitely isn’t as difficult or stressful as I thought it would be!

Many parents take their children to a child-friendly hair salon, but did you know that there are so many pros for tackling a toddler or baby hair cut at home?

For kids who are more reserved or shy, getting a haircut at home keeps the surroundings familiar and comfortable. You can also save a ton of money by cutting your child’s hair at home. The savings just keep adding up with every trim.

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3 Tips and Tricks: Toddler or Baby Hair Cut at Home

If you’re thinking about giving your baby or toddler a DIY haircut, I hope these tips I’ve learned over the years will help!

Tip #1: Gather the Right Supplies

Before you start trimming your child’s hair, gather all the supplies you’ll need. You don’t want to be caught unprepared by an antsy baby or toddler with a head full of wet hair! Trust me, I’ve done it and it’s no fun.

Investing just a few dollars up front will save you tons of money every time you cut your child’s hair at home. With wiggly kids, having the right hair cutting gear will make the job so much easier!

Here are a few of my favorite supplies that I use to cut my children’s hair at home:

  • Clippers: I use these Wahl clippers for cutting my son’s hair. They cut super smooth and are really quiet. This makes it easier for kids who don’t like the noise of hair clippers!
  • Shears: These Equinox hair cutting scissors are super easy to use and budget-friendly. I love that they are easy to handle and super sharp so that they don’t create split ends. They won’t pull hair like those dull scissors in your kitchen drawer! A few dollars invested is worth it!
  • Hair Clips: Be sure to grab a few clips to keep hair in sections. Baby and toddler hair dries super fast, so keeping things separated is easier when it’s clipped up.
  • Spray Bottle: You’ll want to start with wet hair, so keep water in a spray bottle for continuous use throughout the haircut.
  • Comb: I got some combs included in our clipper set. However, you can pick these up for cheap at your local grocery store.
  • Cape: This is a must to keep scratchy hairs off your baby or toddler’s shoulders! Grab one like this, or cut up an old pillowcase to make a cape.

Tip #2: Get Your Child Excited

I know from experience that some kids just. hate. haircuts.

I get it, I really do. I’ve found that 99% of the battle is getting your child emotionally on board for a haircut.

It’s also important to remember that all kids are different and that every child is constantly changing. What may work for your baby to begin with may not work a few months down the road. Keep trying, and stay positive! Nobody hates haircuts forever, right?

Here are a few things that have worked with our babies and toddlers over the years. These ideas will help your little one get excited (or at least a little less afraid) about their haircut.

  • Watch mom, dad, or an older sibling get a haircut first. When we first started cutting my son’s hair at home, his daddy would sit in the chair first and get a trim. He made a big deal about how fun it was!
  • Show them that clippers don’t hurt. Place a guard on the clippers and run them across your palm. Show your child how the guard keeps you safe.
  • Use the word “trim” not “cut.” For some children, it’s all about semantics. This can helps ease fears a bit.
  • Make a huge deal out of being a big boy or big girl. Getting a haircut means they are growing up!
  • Have a relative call right before the haircut to get your child in a good mood. Sometimes we have grandma call or Facetime just before it’s time for a haircut. Promise to call right back or send a picture as soon as you’re done!
  • For older toddlers: Build up your child’s confidence and reward bravery. “I know getting haircuts may be hard. But I know you can do hard things! You’re going to be so brave and when we are done we will do something fun together to celebrate.”

Tip #3: Distraction is the Name of the Game!

You’ve got your supplies ready. Your child is as ready and excited as possible for his haircut. Now you’re ready to move fast to get that hair cut before your child wiggles out of the seat! Distraction is super important for getting a toddler or baby haircut done without tears.

Try our favorite tips for offering distraction while you trim away.

  • Offer a snack on a tray. Give little bits at a time to keep them interested.
  • Let your toddler or baby hold the comb. Show them how to “make music” by scratching on the teeth of the comb!
  • Your baby will love looking into a mirror on his lap. Choose a mirrored toy or let him hold a handheld vanity mirror.
  • Place a big picture book in their lap. Look for one with lots of little pictures and call out things to spy while you work.
  • For babies, give them something sensory-rich. Try a fuzzy or textured soft book.
  • To get to the nape of the neck, tell your child to look in his belly button. Pretend there are little birds or animals making a nest. This will encourage him to stretch his head down so you can trim up the neck hairs.
  • Make a big deal of letting your child choose a special movie to watch.
  • Sing songs or make up a silly “haircut song” to sing together every time you cut hair.

If your child gets upset or scared, take a quick break then get right back to the haircut. For my son, it took quite a few haircuts before he got comfortable with the process.

Some kids may need extra help conquering their fears and emotions. Remember, new things are hard, but don’t quit trying!

Your Turn

Have you tried a toddler or baby hair cut at home? Looking to DIY your baby’s first haircut?

I hope these tips and tricks make your child’s hair cut at home a wonderful experience!

Share with us below, what is the hardest thing at about baby and toddler hair cuts at home? What are your favorite tips for making it easier? Connect in the comments below!

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